So the MS-Parallels relationship is now official

Microsoft to support Windows 11 on Apple M1 and M2 Macs through Parallels partnership - The Verge

@Dellaster I guess that puts the pin in our discussion we were having though I forget which thread(s) it was


If I recall correctly it was the Windows on ARM topic before it got a whole lot of discussion about QUALCOMM benchmarks… yeah, back when you wrote this:

This sounds like very good news. I’m off to read the article now.

BTW: I’ve already asked Parallels if there are plans to produce an IOS App for M1/M2 iPads as well. I don’t expect an immediate response, though we’ve heard that such a thing exists. I suspect that Apple may object, however.


Yes, I can’t see Apple going along with that.

This deal also strikes me as a very subtle and clever way for MS to put some additional pressure on Qualcomm to deliver with Nuvia. Regardless MS wins as at a minimum they sell more Windows licenses, Office etc.


Great news, but no surprise, Windows 11 and Windows 365 Cloud PCs gets top billing, with Parallels as the second choice.

This is an even better hope - and I’m not sure on what grounds Apple could object unless it is purely on the basis of refusing to allow VM on the M1/M2 iPad Pro. But what would be the basis of such an objection - “we just don’t like you” - or more to the point it would add fuel to the fire about NOT supporting MacOS on the same device…

As rendered in the dialect of modern “Meme-nese”…

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They might not have much of a choice given the way the wind is blowing in the EU.

And given how Microsoft have been dragged (very rightly) over the coals by the EU a few times; I’m sure there’s an appetite to see the same done to Apple.

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You may be right in the end, but my sense is that Apple will continue to fight tooth and nail, any “intrusion” or attempt to control the App store and more importantly IOS as it even more so than MacOS is “their baby” and "crucial "to their long term success.

The fact they ignore Apple for the same things Microsoft has been penalized for in the EU makes zero sense. In fact, Microsoft could up and say that prior EU rulings no longer apply to them since the EU’s current non-action stance towards Apple’s violations constitutes new precedent for OS makers.

Well that could go one of two ways:

  1. Microsoft get a ‘free pass’ on something due to the EU deciding something isn’t worth fighting them over. Most of the matter regarding the old fines for MS has been and gone with only precedent left.

  2. The EU crack down on Apple (and others).

Considering the EU’s competition commissioner seems to be one of their most competent parts, I’m erring towards 2.

Hate to be a jerk but for all the good the EU thinks it does, it does more to undermine technology. There is a fine line and they routinely cross that line and look the other way many times.

Oh, I’m not the biggest fan of the EU (another time, another forum though), but I do miss things like a two year warranty.

And forcing Apple to dump Lightning is a good thing. Next I hope they go after batteries that clearly could be replaceable, but aren’t.

Because, on the other hand, the US can be a real wild west of almost lawlessness.

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