Samsung Tab A9 series

We’ve heard rumors for months that these were coming, although this is an odd confirmation for them.

It also seems that Samsung at least in this iteration has embraced the multiple configs within the same model series to I guess catch as many users as they can?

No pen support, but what is interesting is that they are extending DEX to the entry level models for the first time including the smallest which is arguably at least somewhat of a iPad mini competitor,

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A9 Series: A Budget-Friendly Tablet with a Performance Punch (

Lack of pen support is a no go. And my tab S7 FE with mid range performance still struggle with dex, so i don’t have much expectations of Dex on the A series.

Also Samsung tend to cripple the USB performance of low end devices ( USB 2.0 and lack of HDMI out, which also affected the S6 lite). Dex likely would have to be projected via wifi which can be choppy, or stay on the tab A small screen, which won’t be very useful.

Just curious, does anyone know if the USB port of the tab S9 FE series is 2.0 or 3.0?

I’m still clinging on the used Tab A 2019 with s-pen which is still the closest to ipad mini on Android as I can get. it’s still super useful for me and i use it a lot more often than my better and bigger Tab S7 FE. Hopefully Samsung realize people still want s-pen on small tablets that doesn’t fold and cost thousand, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

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2.0 according to our tests, Likely as a differentiator for the regular Tab S line

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I remember my tab S7 FE was 3.2 tho, so the S9 FE is essentially downgraded?

USB speed is very important for me because its main purpose was a SuperDisplay screen for my laptop. I guess no upgrade for me anytime soon.

I’m not sure why the downgrade relative to the S7FE, other than they needed to cut costs somewhere