New Lenovo M10 Plus- Low cost Pen enabled Android Tablet

This one is supposed to be coming to the US in the spring. Lowish end specs but it does have pen (MPP based) support though it won’t be included in the box except possibly as a Best Buy Exclusive deal.

Relevant is that it’s one of the lowest cost pen enabled tablets, especially now that Samsung’s Tab 6 Lite appears to be EOL

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a budget Android tablet that promises three years of security updates (

We didn’t test it, but we had brief hands on with a prototype and the build quality was above average considering the low price


“It will go on sale from June 2022, with prices starting at $190”

Low indeed!

After my experience with the low end 8" Galaxy Tab A 2019 with S-pen, I’d stay away from these low end devices.

I would sort of agree, on the other hand we are a lot more demanding bunch. I think for a casual user that just wants to dabble with a pen it could serve as a good introduction.

And the chipset is actually a solid performer in phones. It clobbers an Amazon Fire Tablet in almost every way


Here is a video with active pen in use.
Amazon price 199$ for 4GB/64 GB, adding a 50$ Lenovo active pen 2 and it would be in the sub 250$ for full pen and tablet combo, not bad at all for those on a budget.

One odd thing is that Lenovo customer support on Amazon doesn’t seem to have any idea that this model supports active pen and answered no in the Q&A. Would be a shame if the device supports active pen and potential customer decided not to buy it.


It definitely does support MPP based pens as that was what they used when they demoed it to us. It just doesn’t come in the box. And Lenovo’s own pen has been hard to get at times

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Then I guess any MPP pen would do?

I don’t know that for 100% fact as we haven’t tested it, but I’d think so. It’s possible that they may do one or more things proprietary which could mean reduced functionality.

BTW: the build quality of the tablet felt much better than the price would lead you to expect.

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Lenovo support has been nothing if not consistent in being wrong most of the time when asked about pen compatibility.