ROG FLOW X13 and X16

Thought I would drop these interesting devices in here.

The X13 is a small 13" convertible powerhouse that has pretty unique features that make it comparable to the Surface Laptop Studio in my estimation; namely stylus support, 3050 Ti graphics, converting into a tablet capability (yoga style). Performance per weight in a convertible notebook; I think this thing might win hands down.

The X16 is the larger version and should be out sometime soon… I’ve never seen another device retain convertible tablet / stylus capability and yet still offers a 3070 Ti dGPU

I have an X13 and while it works with the Surface Pen, it isn’t tuned quite as well; I imagine a bit of tuning from ASUS’s part could solve that; but I haven’t seen them really making efforts there.


They don’t seem to be make efforts (a reckon MPP is often being used because it is relatively easy to ‘just throw in’).

I swear I read somehere that some recent Surface devices have extra hardware to improve MPP performance (and devices like the Go 3 and Duo (1st gen) not having it - I’ve tried a Go 3 and the jitter isn’t great). If so, then I doubt Asus have it. And if so, if it could be done by other hardware, I don’t know.

Here’s the Notebookcheck review of the X16:

No details on the pen of course. But looks pretty good for a gaming convertible that has touch & pen, even if the pen turns out to be lousy. Interesting display:

16.10 inch 16:10, 2560 x 1600 pixel 188 PPI, 10 finger touch + pen support, AUO B160QAN02.S, Mini LED, DisplayHDR 1000, AdaptiveSync, glossy: yes, HDR, 165 Hz

This is the pen:

why on earth is it sitting on a root?..

That said, it really does look appealing. I just really wish it had EMR. sigh Well, and a matte display, but that would be a bit counterproductive and can be sorted with a screen protector.

Edit: That battery life though… oooffff. What is it with x86 systems and having battery life all over the place?! Is it something that undervolting could improve? Are the drivers that bad? Is the BIOS bad?