Onyx Boox Palma, a phone sized e reader on Android 11

The lack of cellular LTE is such a missed opportunity. The device seem equipped with decent midrange power, and would have been a perfect all week battery life device for light use.

I’m still seeing people using secondary black and white feature phone for the sake ot battery life and this one would have been a good upgrade for basic phone call and web browsing. Or even not using as a phone, for a device that is mean to be ultra mobile, LTE should have been considered

This is also the first e ink phone sized device with international support. I guess hoping for pen support is too much but this one would have been perfect with one of those spen silo. But again LTE and wacom additions might double the price and there might not be enough audience for such device anyway.


Interesting. I have seen the raw panel, but this is the first I’ve seen it in a shipping (?) device.

Be aware that the panel itself prioritizes low power consumption above all else and thus is on the slow side for things like page turns.

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Yeah i suppose this can’t be a primary device for a heavy phone user. I imagine it will be very useful for some occupations, like Grab bike drivers in my country who are out under the sun all day ( need day light viewable display), need a full day battery life and GPS enabled modern phone to use the map app. Unfortunately both gps and cellular are considered unnecessary here.

If this supported SIM and could actually be a phone, I would be extremely tempted. I use my phone for very very little these days. I’ve dropped most social media from it, and only really use it for listening to music through bluetooth earbuds or bluetooth in my car aside from text and calls. But I would love for it to be an e-reader also.


Not to take away the position as TPCR Chief Curmudgeon but I think they kind of missed an opportunity with that device. It should have been a fold. Imagine being capable of opening that up to a tablet with note taking capabilities. If you want to relax with some reading you open it up, but if you just want to scroll through a news feed you do it on the front screen while riding the Tube/Subway.

The note application has some built in sharing capacity with OneNote so you can insert you new note either as part of an existing note or added on into a selected section. Including annotating PDF files.