OneXPlayer 2 / Ayaneo Geek

I couldn’t help it. I jumped onto indiegogo and pre-ordered (perked) a 16Gb, 512Gb version. Not a bad price, but still nowhere close to a Steam Deck.

But why?

Well, the AMD 6800U cpu is more than fast enough to replace my main pc (12th gen nuc). An extra 512Gb of storage via sd card is welcome, with a stylus also being offered! I know, crazy. The removable controllers also make me feel worthy. It was the OXP2 or the ayaneo 2.

Hope it works as intended!

OneXPlayer 2


It is pretty crazy that it has a keyboard (connected via pogo pins no less) and stylus support.

What a chonker though. Still, in the same category as the Steam Deck, normal GPDs and AYAs.

I think the reason Valve are being cagey about even talking about updated hardware for the Deck is because they are treating it like a console. They must surely be subsidising/taking a loss on the lowest spec model, and even the higher end ones can’t be that profitable. They make their money from getting people to buy games on Steam.

The others are all hardware only companies, so havebto make all their money from the hardware. That gives them great incentive to update it fairly regularly.

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It arrived ages ago.

It’s an absolutely lovely device, with software that doesn’t like region changes or an SD card slot that keeps the card in place. It has to go back for a refund.

Two/three weeks of going back and forth, emailing… still no collection date. Already been refunded as I’m thinking that they’ll string it out for ages.

Other than the above, it’s lovely.

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The onexplayer 2 has been returned, finally.

Fast forward >>>> The Ayaneo Geek arrives today, after paying £178 import duty! (It was £50 for the OXP2). That was a HUGE sting. I have a feeling that once the Rog Ally appears, sales of Ayaneo and OneX will drop a little or, possibly, more or less stop. That, of course, depends on the Ally’s price and if it doesn’t burst into flames.

Here’s to the Geek being all it’s supposed to be.


Rumor is:

According to The Phawx, ASUS will launch the ROG Ally for between US$650 and US$700, with the company targeting the most expensive version of the Steam Deck.

If true, and if it’s good, it’s going to be rather popular.

Yep. Might make me sell the Ayaneo Geek.

So far, it’s a lovely device, with software that’s part English and part Chinese. Also runs reasonably quiet. I should have gone for the 32Gb ram model, as I basically only have 12.7Gb available, after the AMD igpu grabs its share. Something to consider for anyone buying these things.

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Decided to sell. I’ll lose a heap of cash, but that’s the way it goes. Why? The new devices, such as the Rog Ally, are supposedly close to an nVidia 1060 and that, to me, means it’s close to the ideal gaming device. Maybe one day we’ll have amazing battery life as well.

P.s. Absolutely zero problems with the Geek. Impressive device.