Microsoft Sells Surface Repair Parts

Microsoft is selling screens, batteries, SSDs, and more for DIY Surface repairs | Ars Technica

Courtesy of ArsTechnica…

Oh good, because I could really use some replacement rubber strips for my SLS… Let’s hope that’s available in the inventory.


First glance prices are pretty good - 1tb ssd is $231 - pretty good for an “official” M$ part.

BUT - this is going to be a sales nightmare - they still charge a $550 if they install that $231 part
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$1350 with 256
$1900 with 1tb

Uh… wow. They really trust the technical skills of their customers!

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Cynical me thinks they don’t care if their customers can handle it. This is all to tick the required checkboxes for the EU and US right to repair legislations.


In some respects I wonder if they hope they can’t handle it to “teach” the public a lesson with high cost broken repair screens, etc.


The sls isn’t actually really difficult to service.
I’ve had mine apart multiple times this past week trying to dampen a grinding left fan (seems to be part of that bad batch of delta fans).
Finally gave up and ordered a non delta set from ebay used. Unfortunately the official parts don’t list the fans either, which sucks a bit. One of the only moving parts in the device likely to go wrong.

The screen they’re selling appears to include the entire foldover hinge mechanism, so honestly $500 doesn’t seem awful, you’re paying for all the hardware of the hinge as well as a reasonable quality display.
Probably still cheaper to dumpster dive from ebay, but it’s good to see a backup source.