Rejoice! Replacement Surface Slim Pen 2 Tips Now Available for Purchase


$25 for 3. Not exactly cheap, but I haven’t broken one yet, so maybe it’s OK.


I’ll be purchasing this very soon. I got the Slim Pen 2 to use with my Duo 2 and in a parking lot when pulling it out of my pocket, the pen detached and fell to the ground and scuffed the nib. It still works and doesn’t feel any different when writing, but I’m worried it would be more prone to scratching the screen.

I just wish they also had alternate feeling nibs as well. I much prefer the Slim Pen 1’s less pointy nib.

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Ouch, the price is a little painful but it’s best to have a spare in case of a drop or something. And I did whine about them not selling them… so I put in my order.

Well, nobody can claim that Microsoft doesn’t pack them well.

The Large Anticipation

The Tiny Reality

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On days like this I miss @Kumabjorn

Considering the substitution/censorship here compared to the old site I would be out on my sweet bûm in a New York minute.
Besides, we all know that the shiniest gifts come in the tiniest packages.

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■■■■■ is back, baby :+1:t2:

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