Microsoft Phone link App now explicitly supports iPhones (iMessage)

And it seems to be executed overall quite well. I still think it’s a notch below the integration with Samsung S series phones, but OTOH it’s by far better than anything previously available fot iPhone/Windows users.

Microsoft’s Phone Link app now lets you use iMessage from your PC - The Verge

@dstrauss you should definitely check this out.


Time for the $1-million question: Do group iMessages work?

it worked for me this morning, though the group was small, 3 people


Thanks old buddy - will check it out again. Do you know if iMessage is persistent (in other words keeps your messages on the laptop, or does it “start over” every time your laptop sleeps)?

Have been on the road visiting family in Indianapolis and Charlottesville (VA) - mileage (back in the barn in Midland):



That’s huge! I tried grabbing the APPXBUNDLE file but Microsoft seems to have delivered it outside of the Store servers like they normally do to prevent early adopters.

Does NOT seems to be persistent. likely because a non Apple device doesn’t have “secure enclave”

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Hands on impressions on using iMessage with MS phone link from the Verge

A first look at using iMessage from a PC with Microsoft’s Phone Link app - The Verge

PS: they seem to have restricted functionality in the release version versus the beta that I had access to.