Apple/Windows integration tools for iMessage, Photos etc

Has anyone tried these tools at all? I’m moving away from a MBA to a Yoga so trying to fill some potential holes!

  1. The Edge browser supports Drop which I’ve read good things about - Drop (
  2. Intel released Unison Intel® Unison™ - Seamlessly Link Phones and Devices to Your PC
  3. Microsoft released an early preview of Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 with Windows Insiders. Previewing Phone Link for iPhone users on Windows 11 with Windows Insiders | Windows Insider Blog

For Notes I’m aiming to use a PWA for and see how that goes!

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I haven’t. I use the terrible iCloud for Windows and iTunes for MP3 and Apple Music playback. Honestly, they work well enough, but you need a valid copy of Outlook for mail, calendar, and contacts.

Edited to add, I needed Azure Remote Desktop and it wouldn’t work with a smart card and the M1 MBA. So I switched to a G14 Zephyrus and it has been a fairly smooth transition. But I should also point out that I hated it when my MBA tried to answer my incoming call from my iPhone, etc.,

I like my laptop to be my laptop, my ipad to be my tablet, and my iphone to be my phone.

Also, for Notes, I switched to a cross-platform notes app (in my case Standard Notes as I wanted encryption and the ability to self-host at some point). It could be tough using a PWA for notes honestly. That is adding quite a bit of friction.