iPhone 15 Pro - Telephoto This Time?

Last year’s “Far Out” event was a bust, so will Tuesday’s “Wanderlust” finally bring Apple’s telephoto lens into the 2020’s? There’s a lot of chatter about “near 6x” telephoto, one rumor line claiming 10x, and the most recent being a true optical zoom from 3x - 6x.

What I don’t get is why so far behind Samsung’s true 10x telephoto? Can’t see how much sugar coating is going to sell even 3-6x optical zoom is as good as 10x, much less just a 6x telephoto. But I guess that way they can upsell us again next year with 10x.

BUT I know this toady will fall in line for any additional telephoto capability, even if I have to go back to the plus size that I abandoned after iPhone 8.

Today is the day. Let’s see what they’ve got!

I’d love to say “No 10x, NO WAY!” but I know better - gotta be one of the 10,000 who get the initial shipment of Pro Max or it will be a late Christmas present at best…

Now, where to unload the iPhone 13 Pro - gotta know Apple will be offering chump change…

Are we going to do a watch thread, guys?

Tim starting off easy with a recap of WWDC…onto warmup with Apple Watch.

So what are people excited for? For me it’s the debut of the much-hyped TSMC 3nm process in the M3. Hoping Apple flouts the rumours of the delay into 2024.

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Sure, go for it! :smiley: If you want a single post, Discourse live edits without refresh which can be nice if you want to consolidate it all into a single post and do a live play-by-play.

Ok! Well, I’m doing do it right now, right here!

(Might have to check out at the 30 minute mark. Let’s hope they don’t drag out the M3 reveal to a full hour, haha.)

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Ok, 2030 net zero carbon target. Very ambitious…

(You know…they could go a long way to that by actually allowing user upgrades. Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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S9 SIP…they give each product it’s own chip. Only from Apple.

Oh, Watch Ultra 2 gets 3000 nits? Did I hear that right? Now I need that on my iPad Pro.


Onto iPhone. Dynamic Island stays, bezels look almost the same (supposedly smaller)…so far, ho hum.

Ah, but the OLED screen now hits 2000 nits, double iPhone 14!

Ok go Apple! Leading the charge on daylight viewable displays.


Let me guess, AI enhanced computational photography?

“Smart HDR”…Apple has traditionally had pretty well-balanced dynamic range. Was this necessary?

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Ok that was disappointing, no magical Apple bar charts on the new A16. No battery life comparisons?

C’mon, I want to get hyped!


Alright, guys I gotta tap out. Business to take care of.

They should make a nationally legislated hour break for Apple events, lol. (Might as well right? We’re all watching on the side anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Late to party (had an appointment interfere with my tech life) but I have to admit that I am VERY UNDERWHELMED with 5x telephoto and Apple’s deceptive 10x “zoom range” crap advertising (AGAIN) - who thinks zoom range goes from macro focus to 5x telephoto? Guess that’s where Chance Miller got his misdirection of 10x zoom from his secret source…

Only 5x? Really Apple? Why am I surprised…well NUTS…

OK - cooled off a bit - still not impressed, but how do I get out of here…


Just like in prior years I struggle to remember the one main feature that should make me want this new iteration.

Oh wait: a USB-C port, with (at least on the Pro models) actual USB3 transfer rates. Ok, that’s exciting, for those dinosaurs among us who still transfer pictures to their laptops/PCs.

Edit: apparently USB-C on the non-Pro model only supports USB2 transfer rates. W…T…F…


I’m glad this is over. Now onto the dissappointing Microsoft reveal.

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Awww, I came back hoping to see a flurry of activity around the new M3 processor, the true successor to the M1, the chip that rekindles the Apple silicon excitement…

But judging from the few disinterested responses here, pretty much nothing was announced on the Mac/iPad front, am I right? :cry:

Whyyyy…Apple, you bought TSMC’s entire friggin’ 3nm capacity and decided not to launch a single product with it? Isn’t there some law against hoarding a civilization’s tech tree node like this. :laughing:

C’mon, we could have had better Ryzen chips, better graphics chips, all of this year’s consumer tech hype was resting on your new darned chip, Apple. Gaghh!

/rant Ok, got that out of my system.

So I guess next up on the disappointment train, the Surface Event?

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I’m actually underwhelmed with what M3 has to offer because A17 Pro shows that Apple has officially entered their own Twlight Zone sort of Intel Skylake limbo complacency. The performance cores are what make the Apple microarchitecture peppy and vroom! vroom! speed, and what did we get this year? From A16 to A17 Pro, the difference is again a total snooze fest: up to 10% higher performance for the big cores. The math tells the entire story and it is not pretty. M3 series, uses a lion’s share of these big cores, is going to be one total snoozefest. Wake me up when Apple stops copying and pasting the same Bionic cores from 2020 and just increasing the clock in Skylake-spearean fashion and actually brings some exciting >10% IPC performance improvements to the table. At their current rate of improvement, Apple will have a 0% IPC improvement next year.

Chip Clock Speed (GHz) Geekbench 5 Single-Threaded Score IPC Composite IPC % improvement
A14 3.1 1588.5 512.1
A15 3.24 1734 535.2 +4.6%
A16 3.42 1882 550.3 +2.8%
A17 Pro 3.78 2140 566.1 +1.1%

The A17 Pro is a 3nm processor by TSMC - that’s a BIG part of that capacity absorption.

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The sad part is the A17 Pro is a pathetic use of that capacity. They get exclusive first dibs access to the world’s best manufacturing process and what do they do with it? They are sitting on their laurels as they have been at a standstill with their microarchitecture since 2020 with M1 and A14. And using the information from today’s event, we can see that easily by taking a sneak peak at A17 Pro which uses the same big cores as the M3 will and that both will use the same forgettable, tired and old overclocked Bionic cores. It will be a cake walk for Qualcomm’s NUVIA to surpass M3 because Apple has done virtually nothing to improve from M2 and M1. Tim Cook’s iterate formula is losing steam and they are in serious need of some design innocation. Maybe I now understand why Qualcomm is in no rush to get NUVIA released. Apple is not even trying or making M3 series compelling so Qualcomm can take their good old time releasing it.


Sorry old buddy, but this is just wishful thinking - Qualcomm/NUVIA has shown nothing real yet, and they and Intel are still miles behind silicon-wise. At best their first chip will “approach” M1:

Qualcomm’s next-gen Nuvia-based CPU claimed to have 12-cores and “extremely promising” performance | Windows Central.

  • Qualcomm acquired Nuvia in early 2021, featuring Apple silicon developers.
  • Qualcomm is expecting its next-gen processors for laptops and desktops to land in 2024.
  • A new report claims Qualcomm has a 12-core desktop chip with a discrete GPU with a “similar mem/cache config as [Apple’s] M1” processor.