2023 iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

I need my smartphone photography friends to come to the rescue. There is a lot of talk of a 6x periscope lens in the 15 Pro Max, but as always the analysts are all over the map, with most of them referring to it as a 6x zoom lens. My recollection, from prior discussions here, is that these are not zoom lenses but telephoto, so they are a fixed 6x which can be digitally zoomed below and above 6x.

Also, any clues as to why Apple would stop at 6x when others (notably Samsung) have had native 10x for years…other than being able to entice upgrades to 8x in 2025 and 10x in 2027?


Better bargain? Looks like a private eye rig.

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Looked like a spotting scope to this country boy…

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