If you could change one thing, about one piece of tech you use

We haven’t had a good gripe/complaint thread in a awhile so…

Much as I generally like my Pro 9 5G, the power button continues to drive me nuts.

It seems that all I need to do is take a sidelong glance at it and my Surface Pro 9 5g turns itself on.

This isn’t new as my Pro 8 has the same hair trigger power switch.

I’m not sure what the proper interval should be, and I certainly don’t want the “did I hold it long enough?” behavior of the iPad Pros, but still…


Ads ads ads in Windows. I own a Windows Pro license, let me do the pro thing and turn off all that noise.

Examples: widgets pane with news, web searches in start, onedrive ads in explorer, attempts to change settings after every major windows and Edge update. Kill it with fire!


Ok, I’ll bite. Not about a single device, but pretty much all modern form-factors—I wish they’d bring back buttons.

Does anyone remember the old-school Electrovaya SC-3100?


Copious buttons: 4 programmable, with a navigation knob and fingerprint reader. With a healthy selection of ports:

And a pen silo!


If they could do this in 2006, why in 2023 are we stuck with a piddly power + volume rocker and everything else sterilized out of existence?

(Btw, this thing also had a daylight viewable screen with 92Wh battery capable of real-world 7-9h use, something that most slates today can’t even manage. Sometimes I think tech progress is an illusion… :anger: )


I don’t know if it should count, but I would make my IPP dual boot MacOS when docked instead of stage manager. But that seems like more than One thing. So if it’s just One thing, what I’d actually want is a peripheral, not a change to the device itself (assuming the device is capable). I want a magnetic dock that connects to the Smart Connector for my IPP so I can dock it and connect it to my keyboard/mouse/monitor by just dropping it on the stand. I’d put up with Stage Manager on the larger screen for this. It’s my dream use case for the IPP in so many ways.


Yes they have been sacrificed on the altar of ever smaller bezels which while I agree are visually appealing, also make significant sacrifices to usability including something as simple as safely holding them.

One of our largest iPad customers has seen a significant uptick in dropped devices with 10th gen vs 9th gen iPads. But they do look quite nice… :laughing: