I Want a MacPad!

This is 100% the dream device though. Slap my IPP on the magic keyboard, it it suddenly has MacOS, pull it off and it flips to iPadOS? Yes Please! I think the IPP + Magic Keyboard design is the best design for a 2 in 1 that’s ever been dreamed.

I would like the viewing angles to adjust to even more degrees. I believe they filed a patent for one that did that though, with a pencil holder in the hinge, so your pencil is no longer just hanging out on the side of your iPad when it’s on the magic keyboard.

But honestly, I like the design of the IPP so much better than anything anyone else has come up with for a tablet. It’s sleek, easy to hold and use, super thin, but when on the MK, it feels like a laptop. Unfortunately the OS doesn’t feel anything like a laptop, so the illusion is quickly lost.

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I haven’t tried one, but I like that it seems to combine a lot of the “posture” flexibility (limberness?) of say the Surface Laptop Studio, while still making it super easy to grab the tablet portion and do tablety things.

Hmm, now that I say that, I suddenly kind of want one. :joy:

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The HP 2730p EliteBook tablet (circa 2008, and it’s successor 2740p for that matter) was chunky but solid hardware, and great for going from inking to typing quickly. Passed the 2730p to a child and got the 2740p back in the day. They had great docking stations that clipped onto the base for more ports, etc. (REALLY chunky then). The only things holding it back were Win XP, lower res graphics, higher weight and shorter battery life. Other than that, loved that machine.

Here’s the HP2720p EliteBook Tablet PC spec sheet still up on HP’s website.


I wish it had a little wider range of motion for tilting up when on my lap, but one thing I like over the kickstand is I can actually lean it forward like a laptop when I’m lying on the couch and have it sitting on my stomach/lap watching a video.

But I love how easy it is to grab it off and put it back on the keyboard. I use it fairly often both “attached” and just as a tablet in my hands, switching back and forth depending on the task. It’s a surprisingly intuitive way of using it. YMMV though, for instance, I never have my iPad at my desk, nor do I draw at my desk. I always use my iPad either on the couch or in bed, so I have the MKB sitting next to me when not using it, then just drop the iPad on it and move it to my lap when I want it.


When I joined my previous firm in 2009, they confiscated my ThinkPad x61s because they were “HP Only Shop” so I made them buy the 2740p for me - loved that lug…


Other than the low resolution display (1280 x 800), the 2740p was a great device. The optional outdoor viewable display was one of the best on the market at the time. I often thought about one of these as my first tablet.