I am so weak. Switched from Surface Pro to iPad Pro 2018 12.9”

As someone who writes a lot on a daily basis I’ve always wanted an e-ink tablet that could run Word and OneNote smoothly. With a foldable keyboard it is the perfect distraction free working environment.

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Nearest thing is probably the Onyx Boox Note Air w/keyboard case. But OneNote still needs Microsoft to add e-ink support to OneNote. It can’t be done (legally) by third parties. And, of course, you need to be happy with the Android implementations of it and Word.

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Boox’s new scribble layer works very well for me when taking hand written notes on OneNote. I wouldn’t call using the app “smooth” as it’s an Android app on eInk, so screen refreshes are wonky, but writing is perfectly smooth once you’re sitting in a note.


Coincidentally, my eldest sibling did a writer seminar with John Irving once upon a time. She says he wasn’t that good of a teacher but fascinating to listen and talk to.

She got all fired up yesterday “for the first time in ten years”, she said, after I told her of my completion on NaNoWriMo. The Freewrite devices intrigued her but the price tag gave her pause. I doubt anything will come of her enthusiasm. She’s handicapped by decades of being an editor and educator of English—Masters degree, English professor at Denver and Cincinnati state universities, years of side work as a professional editor and occasionally grading SAT essays, etc. Though she’s tried to write novels they always get bogged down in early critical revision and abandoned, never more than a third of a way through. So she has never finished the first draft of a novel and doubts that she could do NaNoWriMo.

Anyway, it seems there’s more interest in a Freewrite kind of writing machine than I first supposed.

Off the record the Freewrite engineer said Irving was more than a bit of a jerk.

Also if she or anyone has serious interest in the FreeWrite, we’ve seen them show up on ebay now and then at a substantial discount, I’m assuming from those that bought one and found it more limiting than they anticipated.

And going slightly further off topic, cause that’s what we do here :slight_smile: , earlier this year, as we were cleaning out some storage as part of the corporate “right-sizing” I came across three, still in the shrinkwrap, copies of the writing app that originated the "clean, no distractions " mode for writing.

WriteNow for next computers and then the old 68K Macs. That was hands down my favorite word processor program, but alas, like many others it was vanquished by the behemoth that is Microsoft Word. Though a couple of the key engineers did end up at Claris and then Apple proper with the Pages app.

WriteNow - Wikipedia