iPad mini 6 Tablet

Hi gang - hope the tribe makes a successful migration to Sonic’s site - I’m afraid more than ever that TPCR is circling the drain.

Loving the iPad Mini 6 - especially with the Amazon ERS case - almost like no case and holds the Pencil solidly. This thing is a great moleskine replacement.


That cover arrived but no mini 6 to test it with until the 26th or so. I saved some money going the slow route but sometimes it’s not worth it. :crying_cat_face:

Now that I switched to the IPad Pro again, the ESR folio with pen flap is a real improvement over the Apple folio at 1/3 the price.


I’d very seriously consider one (and I’m no iOS or Apple fan) if the Mini had the pogo pins and a keyboard folio.

@dstrauss, what do you use for note-taking?

I use OneNote on my iPad - same as before the switch to MacBook Pro. Now it will be viewing and typing only - on the x360 I also had the option to handwrite notes on it.

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I had one ordered (256GB Wifi in black) since the release date but it was not in stock by that particular reseller. Couple weeks ago I canceled the order and chose a new phone instead (13 Pro Max) since my old phone decided to retire during christmas.

Well. Now I have spare case and glass protectors waiting… :slight_smile:

I still haven’t had a chance to play with the new Mini in person but remain intrigued. I do wish it wasn’t quite so expensive but such is life.

@dstrauss are you using any kind of screen cover? I’ve never quite gotten used to the feel of the Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro— so clicky and glassy for note taking.

@Bishop had a topic about the Apple Pencil tips he found:

[Sorry, the original topic is gone, of course, but it also seems that archive.org didn’t get to it in time so there’s no copy. :crying_cat_face:]

I got some too as did @dstrauss , I think. Here’s the link for those reading this after the original topic goes away:


Yes Chris, I did get the tips that @Bishop recommended and they are a lot better than the OEM and do add a good amount of friction.


What kind of friction do the alternate tips provide? A sort of rubbery type? I’m assuming so, since it’s still on glass.

It’s just a little more drag so you don’t skate off when writing. Not as much as the EMR of the GB12 pen.

Did you ever pick up a mini 6 or just going to stick with the 13 pro max?

Wellllll…I bought a 13 Pro, so it’s a bit small; tried the iPad Mini 6, but post hospital issues made it hard work to write on even that small of screen so traded in for an iPP 11. Right now I am test driving a MBP14 + iPP11 combination, and plan to test drive a Surface Pro 8 to see what fits my note taking and work flow needs better. Regardless I will be keeping an iPad in the mix for my photo editing, News+, Kindle, FaceTime, and iMessage needs. I think my pea brain is syphoning this down to a Berlin Wall of sorts between my personal life (the “iPaddy” things) and everything else business and professional.

But then again who better turns on a dime than this old curmudgeon… :crazy_face: :woozy_face: :flushed:

PS - NOT happy with iOS OneNote because it relies on synching with OneDrive to share with my other devices - and OneDrive still sucks to me…


I am going to stick with the phone anyways. I didn’t plan to upgrade my phone yet but things tend to escalate quickly sometimes. It is a significant upgrade to iPhone 8 though.

My plan is to pick up a mini 6 from a discount or slightly used / open box. Probably just the 64GB version as they seem to be much more common. I’m going to replace my mini 2 that doesn’t do much more than ebooks lately :slight_smile:

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Got my mini 6. Navigated Safari to a page that well demonstrated Jelly Roll. Thought to myself that it looked kinda neat. No issue.

When it took me through the Pencil intro I couldn’t for the life of me get any kind of “double tap” to activate an eraser function. And it’s awkward as heck to attempt such a tap.

The ESR cover is the best thing since sliced bread.

My Kindle Paperwhite has moved back to secondary ereader position.

Hm, the Pencil 2 has more diagonal wobble than the Slim Pen 2. Very noticeably so. Regardless of original tip or the @Bishop special tip. That’s a surprise. (Tested in Procreate and Leonardo, respectively.)

Solved: a glass screen protector will introduce jitter. After watching this video I removed mine and the jitter pretty much went away, down to almost the same level as the Slim Pen 2 on SLS.


Welcome to the iPad Mini 6 club…glad you like the ESR case. Did you get the original (with the form fitting back) or the new one that attaches magnetically to the back and doesn’t protect the edges, but is easy to remove it from the case (just like the Smart Folio)?


I didn’t even know there were two kinds. I got the original form fitting one.

Thanks! Just ordered!

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I didn’t either. When I returned the MBP 14 and iPP 11, I ordered another iPad Mini 6. My SP8 is my note taking device, so the iPM6 will be my reader/FaceTime/iMessage/News+ base. I then went to reorder the ESR, and the new one came up instead:

ESR Magnetic Case for iPM6