"Can't we just call just call it Windows 11.1 already" The Verge

I get his point, to a point, but I also think he’s tilting at windmills here.

I mean for the vast majority especially consumers it likely doesn’t matter though I do think a plurality value having an “up to date” system and given that the majority of updates are security and bug fixes, I agree that it’s important.

That being said, the cynic in me wonders if this isn’t another way of MS setting the stage for Windows Subscriptions. I can see the pitch already, “always up to date so you don’t have to worry”

Microsoft, can we please just call it Windows 11.1 already? - The Verge


Mr. “The glass is always empty” here votes for this conclusion. I don’t’ think there is a single feature change being made to Office or Windows that is not aimed at generating subscription revenue at this point.

Dialing it back a bit, there is not much (other than security/malware patching) by any vendor anymore that is NOT about driving revenue, and I get that. But the in your face nature of so many changes these days is what gets under my skin, especially when I say NO! It never makes a difference. It comes right back the next time you log in, or restart, or install the next “patch” for your security, or the next “feature update” - it is worse than trying to control a two year old in the candy aisle.

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