Cancelled Andromeda (MS) OS

This was originally intended for the Duo and also we’ve heard possibly a “pro” version at one point for the mythical NEO as well.

Some interesting concepts and design cues as well.

Leak reveals Microsoft’s canceled Windows OS for dual-screen devices - The Verge

BTW: Sonic, I put this here simply because it seems the closest fit with existing topics, but perhaps we need either an OS general category or ideally, Windows, IOS, Android, and Other OS categories?


Assuming the work began with a real intent to deliver an OS, M$ realized at some point it represented a huge life cycle commitment (read time, money, headcount) at a questionable return. I wasn’t in the room, but I’d be willing to bet M$ turned Andromeda into negotiating fodder to get some cooperation from Google.

If so, it’s an example of using of patent applications on offense to drive other results.


I think your take is likely right, sadly. It seems to me that the Microsoft of today would never have the “courage” :crazy_face: to produce one product line that I value highly, the surface, and one I respect, Xbox.

And that’s a loss IMHO


Yeah, I doubt either Surface or Xbox would’ve survived their first generations under Nadella. Assuming they got greenlighted in the first place.


Amen to that. Can you imagine the original pitch for the Xbox today " And we expect to lose upwards of one billion dollars before the line becomes profitable…"


Ha ha ha - reminiscent of Schiller’s “courage” comment about abandoning the headphone jack in the iPhone: Nadella “I have the courage to say NO to any product that is not already in the cloud…”


Looking at the mess the made with the SDuo, I’m wondering if cancelling the Neo wasn’t the right decision.

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Ha! Told you so…

(Sorry; “inside” joke…)