Best consumer level test we know of for HDR displays

I’ve talked about HDR being somewhat of a disaster at the moment in several threads, and this is one field tool we use when we can’t lug our hardware based testing tools to the site.

Two notes here.

  1. If your display/computer has both HDMI and DisplayPort and one or more tests fail or are suboptimal, try switching connections as there is unfortunately high variability in how well or poorly different companies have implemented the HDMI, DisplayPort and HDR specs.

  2. In the realm of “once you see it, you can’t unsee it” bear that in mind if you run these tests on your display, because it will expose problems/weaknesses in them.

How to Run VESA Certified DisplayHDR Tests on Display in Windows 10 | Tutorials (

PS: Ideally it should be run in a dark room to avoid environmental factors coloring (pun intended) the results

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