Apple to get ALL of TSMCs initial run of 3nm chips

I forget which thread we were discussing this topic, but I called it back then, and now some proof :slight_smile:

Apple to Buy TSMC’s Entire Supply of 3nm Chips for 2023 - MacRumors


One of the reasons I begrudgingly passed on a recent discount on buying an IPP 11" is because the iPad Mini 7 is rumored to have the new A17 3nm chip, and I kind of want to see just how many changes it’ll bring to the iPad Mini. Will it bring some of the previously M only restricted capabilities? IDK, I don’t know enough about hardware to know how this all works really. But if I could just get hover in the iPad Mini, I’d hold on to my 12.9 longer and get a mini for all my on the go sketching.

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When your cash position ($62.48B as of 06/30) is nearly ONE-HALF of the total cash balance of all the US states ($134.5B - PEW as of 03/31) you can pretty much control any supply market you face…

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I never thought of it like that. On the other hand, *TINFOIL HAT ON* that also gives me the stark realization that were Apple to tank as a company and really tank, it would have serious downstream repercussions on every contractor, company, and perhaps even country who survives off their steady cashflow. All of sudden, people blindly hating Apple isn’t necessarily a good thing. You might slit your own throat if your wish for them to go belly up all of a sudden came true. *TINFOIL HAT OFF*


Hey now, I blindly hate all companies! :smiley:


My Apple “hate” doesn’t go that far =P

They make good products. I just don’t want to get stuck in an ecosystem where the design philosophy seems to differ so much from my own. I prize compatibility and customizability more highly than I do a highly tailored and integrated system (even with the trade-offs in efficiency and reliability that come with it). MANY users have the opposite inclination, and I’m glad they have a company that tailors to them.

My “hate” comes mostly from annoyances over their “traps” like sucking users into iMessage and Facetime and making those apps exclusive to their ecosystem.


This is exactly where I stand. I do not hate their company as a whole and Apple’s microarchitecture had an amazing beginning though I do not share the same thoughts about its current state since they do not appear to have a game plan or performance trajectory (specifically IPC) that is anywhere near self-sustaining. I am more in the “dislike” and “quibbles” camp of their walled garden and a prime example is…

…which is public enemy one to me. It is the worst especially for communicating in text message groups when Apple users use the reactions on text messages. I have the good sense to not be noisy with it in SMS and MMS but almost every non-techie Apple user does not know the nuance and it is infuriating to see the trail of messages on the Android end. Speaking vicariously for Android users, it is a load of fun when you have that crazy coworker or friend who compulsively reacts to every message in the group so you cannot even see the actual conversation flow. Apple should not allow reactions in SMS and MMS and the other industry giants should give major pushback for them allowing this by default if at all!

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