Amazon Fire Max 11 with keyboard and USI pen

USI 2.0 stylus.

This is the 128GB without ads in a bundle with the keyboard case and stylus.

(pic added by @JoeS , hope that’s OK)


The tablet looks like it’s evolving nicely. Still, it’s Android, 2.2 ghz Mediatech CPU and only 4GB RAM.

Here is same bundle in US:

Introducing Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet | Amazon

Only $379. Dang. That’s tempting just to test drive. Wonder what the pen technology is…

The Fire Max is larger, heavier and thicker than the iPad Air 5, and Android OneNote is still a wretched orphan in the MS apps. It is at least cheap enough to breathe some life into the Android tablet market, which might get some new traction for apps.

I retract my earlier statement. Not even for a test drive. We need a new term for a rapid change of mind. “Dstraussing” requires a purchase and return, and “sanity” is taken. Open to suggestions.


I don’t think an Amazon Fire tablet running a forked version of a two version old version of Android, with a very lacklustre app store full of shovelware, is going to be changing the Android app landscape, unless it’s an Amazon app.

Now, if Amazon were to release their own productivity suite of apps, now that would mean something.


USI pens still have a ways to go to get even to the level of N-trig in terms of features and overall quality of execution, at least based on the ones we have seen on a few Lenovo and HP chromebooks.

Latency is quite high, so much that even casual users that have seen it, complain about it…



I was really hoping that when Amazon did this, they would go w/ Wacom EMR since that would be a big win in terms of compatibility and reduced customer support costs.

If it had Wacom EMR, I’d’ve had to get one and see if it would support SuperDisplay.

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