Windows on ARM

Look at all these great ARM apps we’ve put out recently, like uh… five security suites that nobody uses unless they’re forced to… Or Prime Video which has been out for a year and works better in a browser anyway… Or Zoom which came out on ARM like two years ago… :roll_eyes:

Unity could be important, but the rest of the list is a joke.

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Yeah, why pay billions when Qualcomm will do the work for you? :wink: NUVIA WOW WOA moment, coming to you at Best Buys near you in late 2023, early 2024.

We’ll be sitting here this time next year debating whether it is “late fall 2024 or spring 2025.”

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Doubt that. :slight_smile: The 5nm manufacturing process they are using is fully mature at this point, so I foresee no delays in going forward since that is the final phase they are in at this stage of the game. Now, as for Intel, the cyclical king of roadmap delays…

Interesting article but think Rubino is missing several possible key drivers that to me anyway make this plausible.

  1. Developing chips for the ever growing back end of Azure. MS has to have taken notice of what Google, Apple and Facebook have done with custom ARM deployments that they have done that are both significantly more power efficient while being at least as performant.

  2. MS has long been unhappy on their reliance on intel/x86 and we’ve heard for example that intels failure with Lakefield which effectively killed the Neo is just the latest example of a plethora of recent misses by intel.

  3. MS also has had to taken notice of what Apple got out of the M1 besides the processor itself which was a big uptick in mindshare as well as what matters most to shareholders which was a sustained bump in the stock price.

  4. QUALCOMM’s failure to deliver a range of Snapdragons for the various price points and markets MS pursues. Truly the only market viable WOA option is the SQ series and the promised 7cx based chips seem to be forever vaporware.

TLDR I see lots of upside and very little downside to MS going in on their own ARM/WOA solution.


Well, assuming they started on this venture at least four years ago, they only have six more to go…