Tech deal alert

I really hope you are correct and some of the leaked benchmarks (if real/accurate) look great.

OTOH I still have bad memories of all the pre hype of the original SQ1 with “Core I5” levels of performance when the reality at least initially was more like Celeron levels.

That being said, Qualcomm, MS and the app developers all share the blame for that IMHO as I’d argue that the original Pro X vies for the crown of worst MS launch/release ever perhaps eclipsing “Clippy”.

And doubly so because purely from a hardware design standpoint, the Pro X was the most attractive device to date to come from the Surface divison.

Again, to be clear, I’d love to be proven wrong and if the Nuvia stuff at least comes close to the hype, I will be transitioning the PC’s in my family including extended to them.

Well, let’s not let Windows 8 off the hook just yet… :slight_smile:

There is a lot to like about the Pro X. Even thought I still think it large, the design is pleasing. I like not having the vents running around the edges, like in the Pro 9 5G. I know that there is only a .08" difference between the Pro X and the Pro 8, but the Pro X feels much thinner.

Battery life is greatly improved over the Go2. With a 10% loss of capacity due to age (3 years), the Go2 got an honest 3 hours at full brightness and performance settings. The Pro X doubles that to 6. The extra battery life is addicting.

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Sorry guys, but NOTHING can top Windows Vista…welllll…maybe Bob…

Or ME, not Y2K which was a distraction from that impending disaster.

I actually loved windows 8.1 . Not only it worked great with tablet, I found it a lot more stable than 10 and bought a 8.1 license to use with my pc for a good few years. Until i was forced to go up because Superdisplay is win 10 only…


Ditto - I installed it on my Elitebook 2760p and loved it.

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Me too, the edge swipe to switch apps was awesome. Still a terrible product launch though, how to alienate 95% of your customer base in one quick step!

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming - Dell XPS 13 blow out:

It’s a 12th gen i7, 16gb ram and 512gb ssd FOR $999

I know this is far from our tablet roots, but if you’re looking for a modern light weight Windows laptop…


Amazon has the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite listed for $249. Tempting but for the weak Japanese Yen

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Almost 350 000 yen, probably more than 400k when you include shipping and customs.

Actually, it’s more like ¥40k. I know the Japanese “万” got you confused :joy:
Also, the 4gb ram put me off.


Still happens, after all these years.


Seems like this is kind of a recurring deal, but still: the 64GB 2021 iPad mini is back to $400:


Anyone interested in the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga? Several models have a 50% discount right now. 11th gen Intel though.


Apple Refurbished MacBook Pro 14 - not as good as the Adorama deal I’m typing on (M1/8c/14c/16gb/1tb for $1599) but pretty good if you can make any sense of their crazing pricing scheme:

M1 …8c/14c/16gb/1tb $1689
M2 10c/16c/16gb/1tb $1869
M1 10c/16c/16gb/1tb $1929
M1 …8c/14c/32gb/1tb $1999
M2 12c/19c/16gb/1tb $2119
M1 10c/14c/32gb/1tb $2149…with many more skis available


Nice $73 saving on the Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen:


B&H has one in Ice Blue with the pen for $199. Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard Cover 8X6-00041 B&H (
They also have a forest green one for $194. Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen 2 ( No idea who pays more of the shipping.

I got mine (black) on sale for under $200.


$1100 for SP9 i5 with 8GB/256GB, with keyboard and pen, $280 off. Good deal?

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