Surface Laptop 5 - Speculation and Rumors

I just noticed a very interesting rumor or leak on Reddit this morning. The Surface Laptop 5 will purportedly be releasing with Alder Lake-P and Ryzen 6000 processors, not to mention a 120Hz dislplay. This would confirm my suspicions that the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop Studio follow-ups, which are also coming soon, perhaps the end of this year, will feature Alder Lake-P and Ryzen 6000 as well. Lastly, given that Microsoft is opting for the Alder Lake-P and not the -U tier processors, this should mean double the multicore performance on the Intel side of the fence as well which has me extremely excited for the Surface Pro 9.

Surface Laptop 5 Tech Specs Leaked by WindowsPrime comes with i7-1280P, Ryzen 7 6980U, and 120Hz Display - My Laptop Guide


Just got this in my inbox:

[The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 may destroy its predecessor | Digital Trends]( /microsoft-surface-laptop-5-spec-sheet-leaked/)

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While that is promising, I’m still failing to understand why they are still opting for purely integrated Graphics options. The Laptop form factor would be the easiest product in the whole Surface Line to cram a RTX 3070/80/90 into it. The form factors of the Book and Laptop Studio have made that much more difficult. And given the main competitor of the Surface brand is Apple/Macbooks which don’t have pen/touch anyway, it just seems odd they won’t do a genuine powerhouse Laptop.