Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 rumors

Time to break out the popcorn because the Surface Laptop Studio 2 is just around the corner—likely just a few months away from an unveiling and release. Here is the latest round of leaks for the Surface Laptop Studio 2 from Redditor “SurfaceDockGuy” with a bonus round of leaks as well.


Nice! Hope they shaved off about a pound. The CPU looks promising!

Edited the title to add the word “laptop” and to tack “rumors” at the end, so we can have a separate thread later when it officially releases.

Thinking about this some more, here’s what I’m hoping to see:

Main wishes:

  • an AMOLED or miniLED option
  • dramatically faster CPU (more than quad core)
  • a bit thinner and a lot lighter
  • power button with fingerprint reader, accessible in both laptop and studio mode

Minor gripes

  • add TB4 port(s) on the right side as well
  • make it easier to open so we can swap the SSD easily
  • no more stickers as part of the construction (underside of ledge)
  • make it harder to toggle the Fn key mode (e.g. make it require long-press)
  • add a divet behind the pen so it’s easier to pull out from under the ledge

Why the fingerprint reader? Because Windows Hello doesn’t work when the camera is pointed at the ceiling in tablet mode / Studio mode.

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I’ll believe it when I see it. 14th gen Intel hasn’t been released yet, so how could Microsoft be ready to release 13th gen?


It would be atypical but 13th Gen is a drop-in replacement for 12th Gen (both are FCBGA1744) which would well explain their unusual speediness in upgrading. They would be expectedly moving to either 12th or 13th Gen in their natural progression from the first Surface Laptop Studio’s 11th Gen. The i7-13800H is faster than the i9-12900HK and therefore the M2 Max, so that’s a huge win. I am highly considering getting a Surface Laptop Studio 2 at this point since it is finally not just an overclocked or less power throttled Surface Pro but a true desktop replacement. The RTX 4060 would be more than enough to sate my gaming needs too.

13th Gen would shock me. Given Microsoft seems almost ■■■■ bent on staying a generation behind, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the release a Laptop Studio 2 in the Fall 2023 still with 12th gen.

So assuming this does hit for the Spring refresh around June, this would be quite the change of pace for Microsoft.

As much as I rather they offer a RTX 4070/80/90, using a 4060 will likely help retain the same power consumption as the previous model. (so Docks and chargers will still work)

And much like the SLS1 and the Book 3, I’d imagine they will also be offering a model with a more Quadro based graphics option (at least for the commercial market) maybe an RTX A5000?

But the biggest improvement in my opinion, they finally brought the Surface Brand to 64GB of Ram.

Ever since Apple starting having offerings of 64GB to 128GB of Ram on their devices…you would be amazed on the commercial side how that created demand for a 64GB Surface.

The Geekbench scores are legitimate so I feel confident about it. Two reasons. First, it was confirmed by a trusted source, Gustave Monce on Twitter. If you do not know who this person is, Monce is the same person who single-handedly maintains the WOA Project (the project that brings Windows driver support to the Surface Duo) on GitHub. Second, the five-letter code of the device—OEMEL—follows the same pattern used by other preproduction Surface devices that are tested on Geekbench. The Surface Team historically and ceremoniously has teased new devices just before release by testing them on Geekbench to seed the leak bed before release. So I would be confident in saying this leak is a bonafide leak, and a strategically planted leak at that—to get the media sources and tech diehards clamoring about their upcoming project just in time for release in the near future.