Stupid Microsoft things (xbox related)

So it’s been awhile since I’ve ranted about something, so here I go.

My son has had a couple of iterations of the Xbox over the years but does not currently use xbox live or related services.

However given the current discount pricing on the xbox x I’m considering buying him one for Christmas.

As part of that decision I wanted to see how many titles he already “owns” and if they may be available for the Xbox X.

So… How in the hell do I find out that info? I started with his MS account profile. Looking on a pc, it shows his PC games, but nothing xbox related though I know he has purchased some such as a retro arcade package which included Galaga, PacMan etc.

Same for the Xbox app which is essentially useless IMHO if you don’t have a current xbox live account.

Ditto for the store app which again shows the PC apps he owns but nada xbox.

So I’ve sent an email to MS support for an answer, but so far, 24 hours in no response.

So TLDR, congratulations MS you’ve pretty much dissuaded me from buying him one at this point, and I’m now reluctant to buy ANY apps from the store as well.

And yes I’m aware that I could actually buy an XBOX, setup it up and then see the purchased library, but REALLY? I have to go to that length to find out?


Sounds like MS could learn a thing or two from Valve’s Steam. Iirc with Steam one can also log in on their website to check if eg friends own specific games when buying games.


yeah steam is the right model here. Even on a linux machine it will show you ALL your games

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