Someone needs to make a laptop which is designed to integrate a tablet or phone

As folks may remember, I’ve advocated for a laptop design where the trackpad is in a case which exactly matches a small tablet/iPod Touch/smartphone — perhaps this idea would be more workable if it was extended a bit.

Apple has their “Sidecar” concept — why not make a laptop designed to take advantage of it? — Re-work the hinge so that the device can either fully close flat, or so that it will open up a bit allowing one to close it so that a tablet could be set on top of the keyboard (and magnetically gripped there) as a second display.

This would allow Apple (or Samsung) to still sell two devices.

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I’d like to see that as well. Several years ago, Lenovo was showing a prototype clam shell design that had an 11 inch Android tablet as the display. In other words when docked it just functioned as the display for the laptop, with touch functionality in Windows.

When undocked it was as fully functional Android tablet. As far as I know, it never actually made it to the production stage, however.

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After 5 years I guess it’s not going anywhere. Not enough interest? Technical snags?

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The thing is, one can extend the screen using a tablet:

and of course there’s Apple Sidecar, and the 3rd party app whihc preceded it.

How’s this different from using a Dex enabled phone with a lapdock or the failed continuum experiment in windows mobile?

For the original idea, the difference is that there is physical hardware support facilitating the usage of a tablet as a second display on a traditional laptop (w/ touch screen and stylus).

How on earth are we having this thread and no one has mentioned this yet:

Or this?

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Yeah, I was trying to remember the name of that one but came up with the razer one instead.