Asus ZenBook Fold?

This looks interesting.


A grown up Neo. Good to hear that Apple is inventing fold technology and will be creating a 20" device.

Very cool. No pen support though it seems. (edit: or maybe there is) The hinge looks almost exactly like the Lenovo X1 fold. Of course this is a much larger device. Next up: newspaper size, with a rustling sound as you swipe to the next page. :crossed_fingers:t2:

where do you see no pen support? Dave in his video makes a quick mention about it, but not seeing anything that say it has it or it doesn’t.

Oh, I guess I just jumped to conclusions (shout-out to Office Space) because I didn’t see a pen.

My impression is the same as @JoeS - no mention of a pen despite a HUGELY long web page that shouts out all its features. To me that means no pen.

Edit: or looking at it from the other direction, has anyone ever seen a company mention the lack of pen feature in their product page? I have not.

As to Dave… he’s one of my favorites, I like his style, but I’ve always had the impression that he’s a little unclear on pen technology. He was probably thinking that any capacitive stylus would work good enough, you know, the kind that works on any touchscreen.


That’s quite possible the mistake he made.

It’s been a few months, is this still not available in the wild?

So the first mainstream review I’ve seen.

As impresses as I am technically by this device, my primary question remains, who do they expect will actually buy this, other than perhaps the extremely small niche of those that buy because it’s new and novel.

Zenbook 17 Fold OLED review: the best foldable yet - The Verge

BTW: Freaking Verge… “professional looking” is a listed pro ? :frowning:


A $3500 device in search of a market. Maybe if it was a Samsung with S-Pen…

I guess it’s a nice tech demo piece for those with ample spare cash and a taste for the novel.

NotebookCheck’s video impressions after three weeks of daily use:


That is one chunky-monkey 17” tablet! You can see his tendon bulging out on his left arm while holding it two-handed. I think he’s sneaking some support on his right knee.

Clearly it’s not pen enabled. Use an accessory pen tablet instead.


In one of those first impression videos they claimed it was pen abled. What happened?

Are you sure that wasn’t the Lenovo? They look very similar.

My bad.
You’re right, I was thinking of the Lenovo. Forgot there were two coming out at about the same time.

SO no one here has taken the plundge on one of these ?

Apparently not. Nor the ThinkPad X1 Fold. And they’re gone. Kaput. Perhaps not to be attempted again soon? An expensive experiment.

Supply chain problems?

This is so weird, that the Asus is not available (except for South Korean ones on eBay) and the Lenovo is not coming out.

It does make you wonder if they faced some problems, but at the same time, if that was the case, I would assume some discussions would have surfaced…

I just hope they are not giving up for lack of interest.

The Asus did release in the US at three retailers plus Asus USA itself (which now shows an error page). The three retailers all show out of stock or discontinued but there are customer reviews here and there (assuming they aren’t old 13.3” ones) so they were sold at least for a while.

The Lenovo X1 Fold 16.3” is indeed a mystery as to why it never (fully?) released. Here in the US it’s still “coming soon” (ha!) and you can have them notify you…