[SOLD] He's Back - The Surface Duo Uno on the Sales Block for $150

Time to Clean Out Excess Gear - at Great Price - $150

  1. This is the same unit I had up for sale in late January. I just don’t need it, and don’t have @violjack’s nerves of steal (or time/experience) to play with Windows 11. This is a Surface Duo 256gb AT&T Unlocked (GSM Only) - it has a broken area around the USB-c port (see pictures below) - no other cracks or scratches. Sale includes faux leather case (which supports device very well and two USB-C magnetic adapters to help prevent stress on the USB-C port (see picture). BYOB cable and charger.
  2. Used
  3. Images are of original seller (to me) listing and mine of my “fix” on the port.

  1. $150 (I pay shipping and insurance)
  2. PayPal Friends and Family
  3. USPS Priority Mail small box
  4. eBay “dkstrauss” 345/100%
  5. As is, no warranty (same way I bought it and have used it since Friday 1/20/23. Back on the pendulum to Apple (a never ending pendulum) and I just don’t need Android going forward. Like last time, there may be a coming on a Surface Pro 8 (16gb/1tb/LTE/keyboard/slim pen2) in the near future.

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Amazing price! Just bought one recently, but if I hadn’t I would be all over this.


Me too. Except I have Verizon, which is CDMA. I already have one daughter who has profitted from Dale’s circular journey to Apple and back.

:grimacing: :thinking:

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Still not shipping overseas?

Never have shipped overseas, but would for a friend from our tribe…how expensive is it, and what do you have to do?

That was quick. Question to owners. Are any versions of the OG Duo compatable with CDMA?

No, since I don’t think any of them have 2G or 3G. Even if they do, CDMA and GSM are discontinued everywhere by now and do not apply to 4G and 5G. But the remaining incompatibility with Verizon versus AT&T and others is which bands are in use and whether the device is whitelisted for Verizon.

Right you are. I did not know that Verizon shut down our 3g network in January.

Actually it seems that the unlocked version as opposed to the AT&T version is compatible with Verizon. At least according to the technical specs posted on the Microsoft site:

And it does have CDMA and GSM, though of course that’s moot in the US unless you have some independent carrier in the boondocks somewhere that still uses it.

Put it in a box, pay postage and let USPS handle it.
Since it is used I would write “forgotten item” on declaration.

UPDATE - sale fell through, BUT just going to keep the Duo Uno as a backup phone on Mint Mobile (T-Mobile) at this price…