Share your tablet history - if you dare!


  • Radio Shack PC-1 (w/ printer and cassette player to load programs) — not really a tablet, but it was my first computer and the only portable I had until…
  • GridCase III — bought this when I got tired of schlepping a 128KB Mac around
  • NCR-3125 dual-booting PenPoint and Windows for Pen Computer
  • Newton MessagePad 110
  • Fujitsu Point PT510
  • Fujitsu Stylistic 2300
  • Fujitsu Stylistic LT C500 — this was short-lived and did not work out well
  • Fujitsu Stylistic ST4100 and a 4110 — the latter was my favourite computer ever, and still boots and is used every so often for scanning, and to control a CNC when I move it outside to cut tropical hardwood — really miss transflective displays
  • Sony PRS-600 — not much a tablet or stylus, but I used it for notes/rough sketches
  • Asus Vivotab Note 8 — desperately needed a computer when Windows XP was end-of-lifed and an 800MHz Pentium III wasn’t workable
  • Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 — needed a larger display
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 12 — still my main machine, I’ve rolled back to 1703 twice now — can’t stand how Fall Creators Update crippled styluses
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 — in retrospect, I should have waited a bit and paid a bit more to get 5G
  • EDIT: Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 — had to update to Windows 11 and this was the most workable option (insofar as one can describe Windows 11 as workable)

Really miss PenPoint — it was an elegant interface which “just worked” — that and FutureWave SmartSketch and my NeXT Cube got me through college and a bunch of early freelancing work.

It kills me that Apple still hasn’t made a replacement for the Newton (the iPad Mini 6 is close, but won’t fit in a reasonable size pocket (I used to have shirts tailored to have hidden pockets which the Newton would fit in) — an iPod Touch w/ Apple Pencil support would be irresistible, but I don’t think I could buy into an iPhone instead of my Note).

I guess I’m going to have to give up on Microsoft supporting styluses — I just can’t deal w/ a stylus scrolling/not selecting text — if Android doesn’t pan out, I guess I’ll have to try an iPad and an Apple Pencil.


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“* GridCase III — bought this when I got tired of schlepping a 128KB Mac around”

Gridcase made some outstanding units.

Yeah, I’ve always regretted that I didn’t get one of their pen computers.

If I could have my ultimate machine it would:

  • have the incredible engineering and fit/finish and durability of my GRiDcase III
  • have an elegant object-oriented environment combining the best of PenPoint, HP’s NewWave, IBM’s OS/2 for Pens, and NeXT/OPENstep
  • have the daylight viewable display of my Fujitsu Stylistic ST4110
  • use current Wacom stylus technology
  • have good support for touch
  • able to run Macromedia Freehand/MX

I was going to start a separate thread, but maybe is better to post it here.

Here are some of my tablets (if you want the ones (besides the Versa Litepad), let me know, and you can have them for shipping cost).

early fujitsu - black and white and windows 95


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the fujitsu 2300 - windows 98 and color


the NEC versa litepad, still have original Box, CD rom, cables, booklets, etc:
windows XP, new battery

i have a few HP tc-1100 with extra charging docks, batteries, stands too.



Finally found out where went to… Been lurking on and off since TPCR days (posted there an idea of a dual screen tablet PC in 2004), started the Tablet PC journey in 2002 with a Fujitsu ST4110, and dreaming of a unicorn since the Palm Pilot III days in the last century. My history is in my signature, and I still have most of the devices still in storage!

Now, I am generally very content with the SB3 + Fold3, but the upgrade itch is coming back. Please stop me.


Haha, very much the wrong forum for that!! Welcome back, how did you find us? Google? Reddit?

Edit: for those who have signatures turned off, here’s :

@shiroledat's signature

Surface Book 3 15" (self-upgraded to 4TB)
Galaxy Z Fold3

Past Tablet PCs:
Dell XPS13 9365
Lenovo Yoga Book
HP Pro Tablet 608
Surface 3
Surface Pro 3
Dell Venue 8 Pro
Surface Pro
Surface RT
Samsung Slate 7
HP Slate 500
Dell XT2
OQO Model 2
Motion Computing LS800
Fujitsu ST4110.

Past PDAs with stylus:
Surface Duo
Galaxy Note 10+
Galaxy Note 8
HTC Hermes
HTC Magician
Sony Clié TH55
Palm Zire 71
Palm Pilot III

Definitely “one of us” :smiley:


Indeed. Glad to have you aboard our burgeoning life raft (or luxury super cruise ship, which I like to think), @shiroledat! The site domain is paid for in full through 2030 so we have many many years of fun ahead. Enjoy the ride!

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Not a chance.


Welcome aboard! However, asking this crew to “stop me” is near hopeless…

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‘Stop’ is a funny way to spell ‘recommend’, but we are a global lot here.

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Thank you! Yes, it was Google then the Reddit post that pointed here.


Could I interest you in a lightly used Surface Laptop Studio i7/16GB/2TB? I think it’s destiny, you registered like half a day before the post, which states “Sale restricted to users registered before this was posted.:sweat_smile:

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so i’ve made a little historical display of my old tablets
(along with some kraftwerk related items) here in the master computer room

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Kraftwerk … is that the German band?


Nice! Put it on Google maps as a tablet museum and charge a $1 entry fee. :slight_smile:

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yes, exactly. they have a few technology related albums
man machine (about robots)
computer world
electric cafe

they started in the late 60s, and by the 70s were the pioneers of
electronic and synth music. very influential to a lot of electronic bands
throughout the 80s and beyond. they are one of my favorite bands.

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