What to get?

I carry around three tablets. Galaxy Tab 6 Lite (2018) for TPCR and Smasung Notes (PDF annotations), an old iPad (6th gen?) for Line (Japanese messaging) and my trusty Surface Go. The latter is getting a tad long in the tooth. As I wrote in another thread I’m contemplating buying a Surface Pro X. I just think it might actually be overkill.

I want a slate since I primarily use it for Word, writing a book on Japanese history and a bunch of articles. I have always preferred portrait mode (having a full page makes it more comfortable, don’t ask me to explain why). I use an iClever foldable keyboard since it can connect and switch between three devices. Very convenient.

But alas, battery time is just a few hours, the bezels make it look like the 80’s has returned (just aesthetiscs, I know) and a little more zip might also be welcome. But speed is hardly tantamount for what I do. Besides Word I use it for mail, and Edge, collecting articles (mainy JSTOR) for my research and then reading the annotations in the Windows verson of Samsung Notes (has some odd bugs in the Windows version, so I don’t trust it doing annotations on a regular basis).

However, I do need the pen functionality to clean up or add the odd notation. I would also like it to be at least 13" screen with a better resolution than FHD and decent nits since it will be used outdoors at least a few days every week. Summertime the sun gets REAL bright here.

I’m not keen on ChuHi or whatever flavor Chinese brand is the soup de jour, hence why I almost automatically circled in on the Pro X. The thinness and lightness appealed to me together with brand quality (the Go still works fine, just not as long). However, in Japan the Pro X is still on the expensive side so I was kind of hoping for something less costly, especially considering the limited usage.

A Surface device also comes with an added advantage. I can connect it to the Surface Dock at home and have my multiple monitor setup with a bunch of external drives, but obviously that could be accomplished with a different dock as well.


I am in the same quandary. But, I could use more power, since my Go2 does double duty as a tablet (largely used in portrait) and Zoom platform. For me, however, the size is pure perfection. Its amazing how little attention MS has given this device. Where is the upgraded replacement?


I know right? It’s crazy. The soonest I think we could expect anything is the May MS Build conference, but more likely we’ll have to wait (and hope) until September-ish. If they give it OLED or miniLED, I’m totally in. Which probably means I’m out of luck, but I think you guys have a chance. :slight_smile:

It works well, hence they are ignoring it.

It could be worse; they could take an interest in it again and decide to fiddle with it.


@Kumabjorn So it sounds like you already have it figured out, but just to make sure:

You have

  • Galaxy Tab 6 Lite as a small note-taking/casual browsing device
  • iPad for Line
  • a “workhorse tablet”: your Surface Go

Sounds like you could potentially replace the first two devices with Dale’s Surface Duo (Line is also available on Android). Crappy camera though.

And you want at least an updated large form factor tablet with:

  • pen support
  • larger (~13", 1200p+) and bright screen, comfortable in portrait mode (convertible is out)
  • decent CPU, but doesn’t need to be super powerful
  • Surface is a plus (for existing dock)

I wonder if even a first-gen Surface Pro X off eBay or so could fit the bill. The first gen Pro X is actually slimmer than the latest Pro 9 ARM. It has a 1920p screen, plenty! 450nits, so not super bright, but decent. Together with a 1st gen Duo you could use the same pen for both devices, and the entire combo should be relatively affordable. Might work!

Edit: looking at the list of Win11 tablets and convertibles, have you considered the Asus Vivobook 13 slate? Looks fairly affordable, with 13" 550nits OLED screen. Downsides: 16:9, so very tall in portrait mode, and 1080p. I guess it’s out. Other downside: Pentium Silver N6000, which is slow apparently, compared to the SQ1 and SQ2 in the Pro X 1st and 2nd gens.

Yes, it is the thinness and lightness of the Pro X that caught my attention.
I’ll probably still need an iPad with cellular since I am contemplating Rakuten’s unlimited plan ($25/month) for data transfer. If it would work with the OG Duo it would be perfect but Japanese operators are quirky (to say the least).
I will check out the Vivobook 13 slate and see if it fits the bill.

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I made a dedicated thread with some more info. I’m thinking the performance will be the biggest problem. :grimacing:

I noticed it was a Pentium CPU and tops out at 8/256 (at least in Japan) so that is a bit unfortunate.

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