Porting PowerPoint Charts into...Word? Publisher?

My wife is busy writing an English grammar book for non-English speakers. Unfortunately, she started mocking up pages in PowerPoint (because it was familiar to her and allowed her to lay out the text the way she wanted) rather than a tool that was more suitable for eventual publishing. Now, over 400 “pages” later, she realizes that Powerpoint pages aren’t the best choice for getting her book organized. Hence the following question:

Does anyone know of an “easy” way to port / copy a collection of PP charts into Publisher or perhaps a Word document?

I know next to nothing about using Publisher; at work, we use other software tools and we have dedicated graphic artists who lay out our draft documents which we then edit for technical correctness and continuity. So, even though I’m a PP expert, I have no idea what to tell my wife to do.

Any advice would be appreciated…

Note: It is possible to collate a collection of PP slides into a .pdf document. That’s the approach she’s used up to this point on the previous books. However, the new editions have become so large that manual page numbering and table of contents and index creation have become a major headache for her…

Sorry, haven’t tried that.

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Adobe has a page on this:


@WillAdams : Thank you! I’ll take a look at this and report back…

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I don’t think that this is the solution that I’ve been looking for. The PP pages are all separate files and they contain a lot of graphics. I’ll try a couple of test cases, so stand by…

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Export to a single PDF and then open that in Acrobat and export to a .rtf?


ChatGPT will write VBA code for you to do the export, I’ve done it the other way, Word to PowerPoint


I’d recommend exporting the PowerPoint as a PDF and then opening that PDF in Affinity Publisher, then saving it as an afpub file.

I’m sure Adobe InDesign can do the same.

Microsoft Publisher is actually a decent piece of software, but it’s more for small projects like posters or pamphlets. I’ve found it to slow down and crash with large files, and Microsoft seem to have just left it in limbo feature and performance wise.

That is unless she wants to use a publisher/print house who demands a Word document.


Here is a workflow that I just tried:

  1. Combine all the .pptx files together using this utility: https://www.presentationpoint.com/blog/merge-presentations-into-one-presentation/ (VT scan), or manually combine them in PowerPoint.

  2. In PowerPoint, print as PDF and select Notes Pages layout.

  3. Open the resulting PDF in Word. Voila!

Depending on the number of pages, each step could take a few minutes (some patience required :wink: ). But I was able to convert a 100-page slide deck (~7MB) into the Word doc attached.

DEMTOL1.zip (8.3 MB)


Or maybe try:

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@Tams : That is a concern down the road. Up to now, she’s been publishing using Amazon services. But the new books are aimed at the educational market and she wants to see if she can interest a publishing house. Thanks for your comments about Publisher; that app has always been something of a mystery to me, but I’ve never needed to use it so have never really investigated it.

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@Marty : Thanks for your tip. I’ll try it over the course of the next several days as I also have a lot of holiday-related tasks to take care of…

@WillAdams : Thanks; will look at VikParuchuri as soon as I have time…

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This is the kind of thing I like best about this site. There is a host of knowledge here and the willingness to take the time to share.