PDF app with emphasis on reading?

I just got a new curriculum for my kids and the teacher guide is too big (117MB) to upload to Google Books where I usually keep teacher guides. I need a PDF solution that prioritizes a seamless reading experience across devices and platforms, with annotation being a bonus. I don’t generally need to write on my teacher guides, but it would be nice if I could. I want to be able to pick up any device, open the app, open the book and be on the same page I was just on on whatever other device I had opened it last. But also with easier file management than trying to upload things to Amazon to use the Kindle app.

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Not sure this will help, but years ago (before paying for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC) I used a site called SmallPDF to compress large PDF’s to more manageable sizes. Might be a temporary fix for now…


That worked! I now have a 37MB teacher guide.


I’ve been exploring PDF readers which allow for stylus notes.

PDF Annotator is a paid software package which serves as a nimble reader and also allows seamless stylus interaction; you can draw all over your documents. If you upload the marked up version to a central cloud address, then it would presumably be available to anybody else with the same reader. You can check it out here, (there’s a 30 day free trial period if you want to give it a look):

I think they might have reduced prices for educators.

Then there’s XJournal++ which is a free and open source version of the same idea, but I found it a bit buggy (strange scrolling behavior when you use it with a touch interface):

They also have an on-line version which sounds like it was designed to serve in exactly the capacity you are asking about, in terms of accommodating many users…

-Maybe that one works better, but I’ve not tried that version out.

Hope that helps!