"Pitch" presentation software

I had not seen or heard of this until today when a customer asked me about it. Has anyone here perchance given it a solid tryout? Sadly, my skillset in this area is pretty much restricted to PowerPoint.

Pitch | Collaborative presentation software for modern teams

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Taking a quick glance through the website, it strikes me as an alternative to powerpoint for smaller companies that do not want to invest in the MS 365 ecosystem or MS Team’s 365 collaboration tools.

There looks to be some pretty cool UI/UX features in Pitch, and perhaps they’ve strove to make creation a lot more intuitive. I’ll admit, I don’t think I use 75% of Powerpoint’s potential because I don’t take the time to research how to use certain features. Especially for a lot of the design template creation.

Also, is Pitch entirely cloud based? If so, that may immediately disqualify it’s usage at big corporations.

Those were kind of my impressions as well. It is cloud based and that’s actually a positive for this company as they are in essence a “virtual” corporation in that they don’t have any physical office locations or IT infrastructure.

Additionally, just playing with it last evening it feels a bit more pen friendly than PowerPoint. Of course that is highly subjective including my relatively basic pen requirements. I am in no way artistic, so my pen use is limited mostly to doc markup scribble pen skills.

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Ah, that would make total sense for companies with no physical IT infra. Seems like this wouldn’t necessarily be a PPT competitor, but more up against Google Slides.

I do like how on Teams Office document collaboration, you can see where everyone’s cursors are in real time.
With Pitch, they seem to have taken it a step further, where everyone’s cursor has a small live webcam video of each participant.

It looks like exactly what someone might want for pitches, especially if they want to knock something together quickly. Though I don’t really see how it’s much different to something like Prezi (I can’t stand Prezi presentations).

It does look boringly generic, but I guess that’s just the whole ‘pitch’ thing. You could easily make a certain bingo game out of it.

But like many of the things that have been touted as alternatives to PowerPoint, it’s really, really lacking many of the features. What you can do in PowerPoint is pretty advanced.

Edit: And I’m not sure what makes @Desertlap uncertain of PowerPoint’s pen capabilities. It’s very good with a pen/up to the same standard as the rest of the MS Office suite. The only gripe I have is that you can’t use the fancy pens like the Hubble Space Telescope or rainbow ones while in presentation mode.

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