Mindmap Software

Anyone use special-purpose software for this?

A long while back I bought Mindmaple Pen:


(which is no longer in the store)

But, which apparently is now free:

I’m using mindmup, it’s connected to google drive and i can edit it on the go on the browser.

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I have used TheBrain(.com). Powerful and unique visualization. It is expensive. For me works best on a desktop, but has web and iOS versions.

Interestingly of late, I find myself mind mapping on paper (11” x 17”), actual white board, or inking on a large format canvas drawing app (OneNote or MS Whiteboard) and converting the map into an image for reference.

The value to me is speed in recognizing relationships. The app UIs (1) get in the way, (2) distract and (3) don’t really link/integrate/paste into the next steps in my workflow as program data.


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