New USBC hub with status/informational LCD display

This looks interesting for someone like me that connects a lot of different USB devices to their system and spends an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting likely USB issues as a result.

I don’t have any prior experience with the company or it’s products. OTOH my questions to them prior to joining the kickstarter were positive and seemingly quite detailed and informative.

A bit pricey if you don’t need the benefits of the LCD with it’s status indicators, but seems to be a great fit in my case.

This 6-in-1 USB-C hub exposes your worst cables from the best ones | ZDNET

PS: this will also likely make clear to many more how lax even mainstream products are in fully supporting published specs, something I’ve often complained about here.



I’ve had a far simpler device for showing voltage in my Amazon cart for a while — but it’s USB-A — is there something more affordable suited to USB-C which can be used to evaluate cords?

for just basic power draw information we use this. Plugable USB C Power Meter Tester for Monitoring USB-C Connections up to 240W - Digital Multimeter Tester for USB-C Cables, Laptops, Phones and Chargers : Electronics

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