Dell Dual Charge dock (for phones and USBC laptops

This is actually a fairly nifty device, if a bit overpriced. The article is all over the place, but it comes down to being a USBC 3.2 compatible dock with proper external video support.

It does not support any type of thunderbolt connection however, even though the author says “it works fine with TB ports”. In other words confusing his reader about TB4/USBC which both use the same connector, but are different specs and protocols though related.

TLDR: We tested one about a month ago and it passed doing significantly better than average for compliance for video, but with slightly low average throughput for USB data rates.

And it supports the qi wireless charging spec for phones.

Dell Dual Charge Dock (HD22Q) review: A dual-threat dock that’s most useful when connected to a Dell laptop | Windows Central

Pretty nice, but I agree with this downside mentioned in the article:

One thing that irks me about expensive docking stations is a fixed host cable that cannot be removed on the dock end. While it doesn’t stand in the way of transporting the dock — it’s meant to live on a desk with reliable AC power — it will cause problems if it becomes damaged. Instead of just being able to use a different USB-C cable to connect to your laptop, chances are you’ll have to either replace the entire dock or send it away for repairs.

I agree as well. I have no clue why they could not have just put a USBC connector cable between the power adapter and the dock and be done with it.

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Because then ppl would use a lightweight cable and will complain that the dock doesn’t deliver the expected power.