New Alienware Gaming Laptops with 480hz refresh rate

I’m likely to come across as a curmudgeon here, but this appears to me as pure gimmick/hype and I’ve yet to see anyone that can consistently detect the difference between a 240 hz and a 120 hz, let alone this.

Not to mention that as with all things tech, there are trade offs involved , and as a group the 240 hz displays tend to be less accurate and have less uniformity than their 120 hz or even more so 60 hz peers. Not to mention that these 480hz displays will have a shorter useful life before deteriorating significantly.

OTOH, the hardcore gamers seem to replace their hardware even more often than some of us here, so perhaps durability is a moot point.

I will say purely from a technical perspective, it’s impressive.

PS: The one slightly possible area where the is could make an improvement, albeit a tiny one is in playing back 24FPS film sourced video as it’s an even multiple and should in theory reduce judder than can get introduced when playing back on a high refresh rate display.

PPS: 60 hz is the worst in this case as it’s not an even multiple of 24 and therefore requires software tricks such as interpolation and frame insertion which are visible to almost anyone who know what to look for

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Something of a placebo effect? Like racing stripes make a car faster and RGB lighting makes you a better gamer? :smile_cat:

That aside, bragging rights and being the cool kid on the block have value for many people so they’ll buy this. :vb-agree:

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