Microsoft AI is Going to Cost You

CNBC says it will be $30/month for the AI add-on to MS 365:

Microsoft shares rose as much as 5.8% on Tuesday after the company announced a new artificial intelligence subscription service for Microsoft 365: The company will charge users an additional $30 per month for the use of generative AI with tools like Teams, Excel and Word.

Adding on the subscription to Copilot, a generative AI assistant that works across Microsoft 365 programs, could increase monthly prices for enterprise customers as much as 83%. Copilot’s capabilities include ranking incoming emails, summarizing meetings, analyzing spreadsheet data, offering writing prompts and designing presentations, according to Microsoft.

Does that mean I can pay $0 a month to keep AI out of my MS Office install? Great!


$360 a year for something I can’t really use without getting into trouble?


Microsoft stock rose 4% on the anouncement of the AI subscription in Office 365. I can only assume that the hardware side of Microsoft is doomed and will be religated to a corporate backwater where careers go to die.

My concern as well - absent a strong voice in the C Suite, there’s not much of a value add to hardware for them anymore. Even the boys at MacBreak Weekly were lauding Nadella’s move from Windows/Office/Hardware to his “meet you were the customer is” on any platform through the cloud.

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