MS to AI Rivals - No Data For You!

Why am I not surprised, but why can these AI bots scrape content across the internet from any source to “learn”? Wrong is wrong, right?

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I mean, others can do that to Microsoft if they want to.

But people have gotten rather lax with how they act online. They forget that if its available to everyone… well it’s available to everyone.

The only people I feel sorry for are those have pretty much been forced online to keep their business going.

We probably really need to create an AI/ChatGPT/Bard consolidated thread, or perhaps even a new category for threads just on AI, but right now for my nightmare - I’ve been following the fallout from the letter from Wozniak, Musk, et al urging putting the breaks on the breakneck AI front:

AND then I started thinking that commercial businesses are NEVER ahead of DARPA (defense department needs), and worrying is Skynet already here and we don’t know it…


Or more likely…

Just don’ tell ChatGPT we are planning on disconnecting…

Do you really think Skynet or even HAL 9000 are possible given that they can’t even keep something like Windows from breaking down constantly? :vb-lol:

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HAL capabilities have me worried, only because it exhibits the manners of a 13-17 year old male far too often, and its overlords are MS and Google which have no compunction for stealing content from wherever, whenever, and however it suits their needs…companies who even proclaim that it’s result failures are purposeful…

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Lol, just like nuclear weapons, there’s no putting this jack back in the box.

‘AI’ (if you can really call the current ones AI) address boots out in the general public and people are becoming used to them. There’s no way that’s going to be taken away again.

Now regulation? Absolutely. Ironically, though completely unsurprisingly, many of the signatories of that open letter are not exactly what you’d call proponents of regulation usually…

Either they are truly concerned about the implications, or they are so far behind in the competition they want the government to trip the frontrunners…

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As I tell my youngest child, who is the only one who has shown even the slightest interest in securing a license to practive law, intellectual property and copyright law is the place to be in the near future. Billionaires suggesting litigating the “next big thing” in tech can’t hurt. Billionaire Barry Diller says the media should ‘absolutely’ sue AI makers over ingesting text from articles (

Billionaires vs Multi-Billionaires - yummy - :rofl:

Your advice was spot on - that’s where the practice will thrive.