Looking for measurements for SLS thickness as a tablet

I’m trying to figure out how thick the SLS is when used as a tablet. Particularly since one end is thinner (the front) and one end is thicker (the back, which doesn’t fold flat). My wife is thinking of buying one, and we are trying to figure out some functional questions. Can someone please share the measurements?


At the front it’s about 18mm at its thinnest point (minus the ‘feet’, about 1mm), and at the back it’s about 25mm (~1").

Honestly the thing is so heavy that imo the thickness is not the main detractor from using it as a tablet. The only point where the front edge thickness matters is if you like to rest your hand on the desk while writing. At that point you could consider laying something flat up against it, to “raise the desk” / level the writing surface.

Honestly the only time I’ve used it truly as a handheld “tablet” is on the plane, trying to hide the fact that my SLS is a “large electronic device” that must be put away before landing. :vb-grin:

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Thanks for this info. She’s upgrading from a broken SP7 or 8. She sometimes records videos with one of those in a tripod mount- the kind that grips it like an iPad. I’ve used one with my Galaxy Book Flex and it’s been fine, but the thickness of the SLS is a question we were concerned about. I think 1" is still fine.

Oh I see. Just keep in mind that it’s almost twice the weight of a Surface Pro with keyboard. So make sure the stand can handle that. Also, the shape is a bit irregular. Remember it’s kind of a pedestal design, meaning the bottom part is recessed/narrower.

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Is it recording with the built-in webcam the reason for the tripod mount? I guess it might make sense if you’re looking for a more horizontal to horizon view than the kickstand would give, but with an SLS you just go to laptop mode and move the screen however you wish I’d assume?

Just trying to envision the use case here, but yeah, for a grip mount, I’d be more concerned about the weight than the thickness

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Agreed! Now that I think of it, I’m also not thrilled about the idea of a clamp gripping the front edge of the screen. Sure it’s flush against the palm rest, but it still seems like a fragile part of the device. @SteveB please be careful! :sweat_smile:

Well, the wifey used to have a SP7 and recorded videos as a tablet being held by a tripod clamp, so she’d like to do the same with the new SLS. It gets it to eye height and such and looks better than recording from a desk. So she either needs to have the device held as a “tablet” by the tripod, or she needs to use a tripod “table” where it’s flat and she elevates the device higher but still keeps it in laptop mode. That’s an option too.

She got it a few weeks ago, and I must say that it’s really a very nice device. Great keyboard, good sound, lovely build.

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