Lenovo X13 Yoga Gen.4 (2023)

Anyone been hands on with one of these? I have a couple of practical questions about how the updated design compares with the previous generations of this model.

  1. Speaker Placement The speakers were moved from the back of the unit to the front (on each side of the speakers). While this might improve performance in laptop model, was wondering if it might actually muffle sound in other configurations. For example, in Tablet Mode, they’re now on the back–and likely to be covered by your hands when holding the unit?
  2. Camera–Reverse Notch The camera is now in an extended assembly that slightly sticks out from the top of the machine. (Visible, for example in this image: Lenovo Product Image Does this extra piece get in the way when folding the machine into tablet mode, for example, preventing the screen from folding flat? Does it help or hurt hand positioning when holding the machine in portrait configuration?

Thanks for your help – as you can hear, I’m especially interested in optimizing the use of the machine in Tablet Mode. Any other thoughts on the different models of the X13 Yoga (or a comparison of these factors to the HP Spectre x360) would also be welcomed.


Hey, welcome to the forum! Impressive, you posted in the correct section, and you added a tag. Respect! :grin:

As for your questions, I’m afraid those require hands-on experience, hopefully reviews will start coming out soon. I could maybe see the reverse notch being a bit annoying if you ink with it sticking out the front, but a workaround might be to have the hinges face you when you ink.

I do not have the device but I think the reverse notch will not be a big issue. The rubber feet on the bottom of the laptop should prevent the screen from touching the body anyway when in tablet mode. For holding the laptop in portrait mode (/as a tablet), it might be a minor annoyance but its only on one side.

As for the speakers, your hand should not be blocking them if you main hold the side with the hinges (which I would recommend anyway). Regarding the volume, since the speakers are not facing you other people in the room might hear music/sounds harder but that should be the only downside.

Thanks for the feed back, everyone!
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It truly is. I just checked the list of censored words, and while there are many f-words in the list, feed back is not among them. Very odd.

Either way, let us know if you end up getting this system!