Logitech lift mouse?

Has anyone tried one of these yet? I like the idea behind it, and unfortunately thanks to the airlines. I am currently mouse less. Besides the ergonomic aspects. my other concern is battery life and longevity. I had the original MX anywhere mouse, and while it was comfortable, the battery life wasn’t all that impressive and additionally it rapidly lost it’s ability to hold a full charge (less than 2 years)

Comments welcome
Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse | Logitech

Not that one, but I do have a similar Anker vertical mouse that works for me, a wireless version of this that seems to not have a page anymore.

But it’s in the kitchen drawer ‘cause I prefer the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.

And because I’ve been using a different Logitech input accessory lately, the thumb trackball one:

Thanks. I need bluetooth though and am not a fan of trackballs however. :slight_smile:

I will take a look at the sculpt

I corrected my post to add that my Anker is a wireless one I just couldn’t find the page for the one I ordered. Possibly updated and they deleted the old one.

Didn’t you mention once that your wife has the MS sculpt ergonomic keyboard? It’s part of that set as well as being sold separately.

You have a better memory than I do apparently. :grinning: She’s not currently using them as she switched to the new Logitech MX mechanical keyboard and it’s mouse, but it’s likely still in a closet somewhere.


I should mention that it needs the dongle, it’s not Bluetooth.

As to trackballs, I used one a couple decades ago and it worked for me. I think I got it for the same reason I got this one: elbow problems. I’m trying to reduce elbow movement.

The last time I used a trackball was in my Powerbook days , simply because they were both the only option, and far better than anything else available.

And alas dongle isn’t an option for me either as I need it to work with any number of devices from time to time, many of which don’t have a standard USB port. Plus another thing for me to lose :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me, that takes me back. I had the Power Book 180 laptop and didn’t have any problem with the trackball after some getting used to it.

Yeah I had the 170, arguably top 3 all time favorite laptops from anybody.

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I just bought a used original Apple Magic Trackpad off Ebay for $30.

The Logitech trackball is nice enough, but I keep losing the pointer. It’s almost as if it travels beyond the screen borders or something. A little while ago I was ready to force a reboot after spending at least a minute trying to move it into visible space.

The trackpad won’t hide my pointer and hopefully won’t aggravate my sore elbow either. We shall see. :crossed_fingers:

So I went ahead and ordered a lift mouse. Couldn’t buy one locally because I’m left handed and the only ones in stores such as Best Buy and Office Max are for righties

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Good on Logitech for making a lefty version. Few companies bother.