Leaving Windows for the Walled Garden - Grail Hunt

Yes, and I think as with almost everything related to Apple it’s getting overblown, more than a little when you consider that one; even the “slow” SSD’s are still faster than the majority in the rest of the market; and two there are only certain workloads where it would be even slightly noticeable to most users such as editing multiple large high resolution video files. And even there we are talking what amounts to an extra beat or two…


yes, basic parallelism being put to use with multiple chips


Gotta agree with Brownlee on this one, the Mac Pro is stupidly overpriced now and that trade-in deal is indeed insulting.


That is NOT “borderline insulting” it is a literal spit in your face offer.

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@dstrauss, these two apps below work as replacement app switchers on mac. Witch actually allows the use of CMD+` to switch between windows of the same app (tabs for instance).

https://contexts.co/ ($10)

Witch · Many Tricks ($14)

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I’m testing a third party app called “Alt Tab” tht does this (recommended by Sarah Dietschy).


Oh, I’ll have to check that out!

OMG! I checked it out and it is EXACTLY what I wanted and nothing more. Thanks, @dstrauss!

It actually works pretty well, and will cycle through all apps and app windows, but sometimes you don’t get an preview (like with utilities, settings, etc.) - just a generic window with the name of the specific app.

It is extremely overblown. One of the “popular” tech tubers has a benchmark that is literally just loading photos into Lightroom, so essentially a random read test. The difference? It was on the order of 55 seconds on the old M1 Pro versus 1 minute on the new entry level M2 Pro. I commented and said that was absolute malarkey and misleading. What he should have also tested was image processing time after loading all of the photo files from disk into memory. People would quickly discover that CPU performance would massively dominate here, offering minutes of an advantage over the outgoing M1 Pro. So to lose a few seconds for loading some files into memory compared to the minutes gained in photo post-processing from the CPU, suddenly it isn’t such a big issue. The disk performance is still above 3 GB/s, meaning they would max out PCIe 3.0 which is still considered exceptionally fast even these days. Yet another example of tech tubers creating fake giants for them to tackle all as the classic clickbait move.


This is why I side with you and @Desertlap - not just overblown but totally disconnected from reality - what good is dragster engine when you can’t steer into turn number one? I realize it would be near impossible to decide on a “real world usage” benchmark, but between the big names we have (Geekbench 5, etc.) and the lame battery test of loading and watching a video until the battery dies, it really begs for more users to give their subjective “feel” for the overall system.

It brings me to my number two pet peeve, why do so many reviewers ROUTINELY diss base systems as “good enough for email, light productivity, and web browsing” when we’ve been doing THOSE SAME THINGS, and they’ve been making THE EXACT SAME COMMENT, since the 386SX days - my god, if they were good enough for those same functions decades ago, what are these modern processors truly capable of…a lot more than those simple tasks.


The other hysteria is thermal throttling and Luke Miani called it five days ago, warning that the YT alarmists would be discovering that the new M2 Macs are allowed by Apple to run hotter before the fans kick in compared to the M1 Macs. No actual throttling involved.

I saw one by Max Tech a couple days ago screaming about throttling but now I don’t see it. Guess he realized his mistake and pulled it?

Edit: and BTW, my M2 Pro Mac mini is in Hong Kong now, finally on its way, ETA Tuesday the 7th. Waiting a week till substantial reviews came in added a lot of wait time but it’s going to arrive two days earlier than the earliest predicted (Feb 9-16 when I ordered). :partying_face:

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Have fun Ted - this lamo is still looking at a base model M1 Pro MBP14 for a final go at leaving Windows - it’s just that d@mn multitasking advantage of Windows


I set up my new M2 Pro Mac mini this morning. After updating to Ventura 13.2 and a full restore via Time Machine I fired up Skyrim SE from a save… roughly a 2.5x FPS increase. I was getting 40-50 FPS outdoors with my M1 Mac mini, quite playable at medium-high settings and 900p. M2 Pro FPS was ~110 in the same spot. So, I bumped everything to full-on High settings, 1080p, and can enjoy ~70-80 FPS gameplay in the most demanding outdoor areas, never dipping under 60. 100+ FPS indoors/dungeons—I set it to cap at 120 FPS and it’s usually pegged there. With HDMI 2.1 my 144Hz monitor is beautiful and smooth. This is using the Crossover 22 compatibility/translation layer, no Windows installation involved anywhere. Oh, and with around 170 mods installed using Mod Organizer 2.

I can definitely live with this without any regrets. :+1:

Bye-bye Windows! :partying_face:

I named my new mini “Endgame Mac”. :wink:


Free at last! Free at last!


Heh, it feels like that right now in the afterglow. :joy_cat:

I take it this good? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous! :frowning_face: :crying_cat_face: :cry:

Maybe someday there will be an Endgame Pad for others of us… :wink:


@Dellaster - you inspired me (well, actually my alert for a 1tb MBP14 refurb came up and I grabbed it). Maybe I’ll join your MS prison break.

PS - a good friend told me he thinks my problems with Mac Office are Mac v Windows and not feature sets, and I think he is right given more research - it’s the Where’s Waldo Syndrome.


@dstrauss - Good luck this time, Dale. :+1:

Hope it’s not the Einstein principle - repeating the same action expecting different results. :crazy_face:

Hopefully my Great Escape isn’t heading this direction…