iPadOS 17: The Year of Nothing

Clipped from the MacRumors recap of everything that Apple announced on the day of the 2023 WWDC Keynote:

iPadOS specific things highlighted.

Did they give up making it more professionally functional after the poor reaction to the iPad Stage Manager and such? Hunkering down until someone working there comes up with a plan? This is disappointing. You’d think they would at least mention some token improvements to file management or something. I guess this is the “s” year for iPadOS 17 (iPadOS 16s).

What do you think?

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Like I said over in the WWDC “Magical” thread -

“Stickers, and widgets, and emoji’s - oh my!”


I am so done with Apple except for my iPhone at this point. Switched out my mac last year for a gaming laptop with a 3060 (Asus Zephyrus G14 1TB 16GB RAM) that cost me $700 open box). Nothing I saw today made me regret selling my M1 MBA 512GB/16GB a few weeks ago.

And iPadOS 16s is so bad. Once the SP10 is released, I will get someones SP8 for a bargain and sell my M1 12.9” iPad Pro 128GB (or hand it down to my daughter).

I am so disappointed. Even “Vision Pro” is just a glorified big monitor. It is AR not VR.

Indeed….so lame.

Yet iPads remain the best tablets as tablets, especially the 8.3 inch iPad mini 6. It’s fine as it is without any pretensions of becoming a “pro” device. It arrived today and I’m so glad I got it back again. :+1:


Have to agree with that, but I am hoping that the Surface Pro 11" will flesh out as a tablet with the Android subsystem, at least partially filling the tablet deficit of the Surface Pro line…

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Man, I hope so. I have also found that my desire for a consumption only device that can’t be capable on its own is dwindling. Do I really need an app for Netflix when I can just go to the website and full screen it?

Edited to add: ah, but if I could install the Android version of Netflix…could it truly be the best of both worlds? I see what you are saying, @dstrauss

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I’ve seen this repeated at numerous sites:

“Stage Manager is also getting a minor tweak with iPadOS 17 to bring this exact experience, while also offering more flexibility to the position and size of windows.”

But the short description at Apple is likewise underwhelming - " Stage Manager adds even more flexibility to the position and size of the windows, giving users more control over their workspace, and supports built-in cameras on an external display." and the video shown in the presentation shows a second window opening partially over the existing window, then having to flick the existing window to the side (covering the stacks) and then expanding the first window to fill the space you created - hardly ease of use.

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Exactly, the more they try to make iPadOS work capably as a desktop OS (say…Mac), the more they will just highlight the weirdness that they have created—similar to an uncanny valley situation. And it simply won’t work well.

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Monica Chin said it best OVER TWO YEARS AGO:


In a tech discord I am in a lot of people were kind of hyped on the Journal app & a few people were asking if it will come to the iPad cause it so far hasn’t been clear. It seems like it would be since the iPad has the pencil support. All I keep thinking is Windows’ has had an app called Journal since XP Tablet Edition. I like the current one in the app store/MS garage.

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