iOS and Android art software

I don’t have a Windows machine with CSP anymore. My IPP is my only art device now. Even so, I find myself using CSP less and less in favor of the speed of Procreate. I will probably cancel my subscription to CSP when it’s up as well and just use it on the free version as needed. I don’t tend to work on it for more than an hour at a time ever anyway.

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I thought the free 1 hours CSP only worked on phone? Or did that change?

Been working on a project in Krita on my tab S7 FE, and while it is still rough around the edge ( require me to do UI/ setting modification everytime i find something lacking), after getting the UI usable, the app works really well and can do 95% of the things I need on CSP. It really is a livesaver when I’m away from my PC and can’t do CSP on Superdisplay with it.

The things I miss on it would be cloud synchronization ( I often draw on phone when I’m out and about and finish up on tablet at home). Also the lack of s-Pen button support on newer hardware ( it’s supported on Note 10 and tab S6 series). The color picker is quite imconvenient on tablet without a keyboard, I wish they added a temporary color picker that switch back to previous tool right after picking color.

I’m so far removed from the Apple ecosystem that I don’t want my arts to be bound on the iPad, hence the lack of Procreate usage. When I picked up my iPad then Procreate is the first thing I would open tho as it is very easy to get started and just draw. But when things get complicated I would really miss some of the tools on CSP / Krita.

Edit: Finally found a way to map color picker to the spen button. Turned out I only need to map it to the middle mouse button because the spen button is mapped to middle mouse by default!

Change setting in the krita spen setting doesn’t do anything because those are for Spen air actions of the higher end tab with bluetooth connection ( mine is the tab S7 FE), so those who with the flagships tablets can have plenty of shortcut to use.

I’m pretty certain I saw that as an option when I set up my free 6 months on the Galaxy S8. As it is - I’m never going to pay for subscription and if they don’t have the free 1 hour after 6 months then I might as well delete it off the Samsung.

On a different note - I’ve had a recent survey from Affinity where “would you rather pay by subscription than one-time purchase?” was an option… obviously clicked no.

Much as I hate it, I can see why Adobe subscription is so popular and works for Adobe - the Enterprise model means large companies (and it’s not just games studios) can get regular software updates and bug fixes - when I worked in college (haha! I’ve left now!) there were almost weekly updates but these were “security updates.”
A friend of mine used to know and work with some of the Adobe people and he questioned at CS6 what new features Adobe could really bring.

For one-person and Indie studios - there are so many better options but Photoshop and now Lightroom allow you to edit and work on video - saving out video with sound which is still a huge plus over CSP / Krita / Procreate or any other software you could mention.

After my 6 months, there is no way to use it on my tab S7 FE, it only allow 1 hour on smartphone. I mainly use CSP exclusively over SuperDisplay to make use of the nice screen.

Currently I had gotten to understand Krita workflow quite a lot more, and it might as well be my CSP replacement on Android tablet now. For a free app, it’s a stealth.

Good option. I have the one-time paid CSP on my Mac mini and can use it on my iPP 11 via Sidecar okay, but it’s not something I use at this time. I only bought it because it was on a dirt cheap sale (Humble Bundle). :smile_cat:

Very weird. After my (paid) subscription was up, I was able to still use it on my IPP, but I decided to pay for it again for a project I was working on at the time. I think I bought it for a year again, so we’ll see when that expires. If I can’t use it an hour a day, I’ll probably still keep it. I only really use it for inks on most projects, but it’s not super expensive for the lower priced package. I don’t need the animation tools and whatnot that you get from the more pricey option. I figure in a few years, I’ll still have barely paid as much as I would have for a one time purchase.

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Ah, I just re-checked and you’re right. 1 hour free on smartphone only but if that can be the colour picker or webtoon preview screen for CSP on my zbook - I might keep hold.

I wonder how many people are paying the subscription on Android compared to people making a one time purchase on desktop.

Then you should wait until sale and buy the discounted subscription (14$ for 12 month) then cancel and buy again next year. CsP has frequent sale thoughout the year around fixed time ( spring sale etc).

CsP seem to be able to sell discounted subscription outside the app store after the Apple lawsuit.

I just scored a two year CSP debut for two devices from a tablet purchase. It is quite crippled in features but ok for on the go. CSP seem to be giving these away as bundled peak in hardware purchase and pixiv premium, no wonder they seem to have taken over the Japanese market.

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One thing I recently found about Clip Studio: all license (perpetual or monthly plan) has an undisclosed maximum limit of how many times you can switch license between devices. It’s probably depending on how often and how long between switching. It’s probably to preven fraudulent ( use one device license between many devices).

I’m a bit worried, as I, and a lot of people in this forum are device hopper who buy new devices way too often.

Moved my CSP license recently so I will avoid installing CSP on my new Raytrektab for now.

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I’ve been doing some reading around and a huge part of me wants to try out Sketchbook Pro as I have a lot of muscle memory from using it - read some user reviews which showed the new owners maybe haven’t taken enough care of it though HOWEVER one video gave me the clue as to why Infinite Painter might cause @CrazyCat and @James the crashing - and that is creating too many layers?

Go to 2:42 in the following video

Sketchbook Pro tells you at the start how many layers you can create depending on your canvas size and won’t let you go further while Infinite Painter doesn’t - it just crashes when you go beyond what it can do.
Little tweaks like that could make it a much more reliable software? I really liked the independent reference layer feature in Infinite Painter - haven’t seen any other software do that (maybe Procreate does but I’ve never really used it)

Congrats - there’s a thread on it but I I haven’t followed it - is it a Wacom EMR digitiser device?

It is not layer problem. Most of the thing i draw on painter are on screen size (from 1080p to 2k) and rarely exceed 10 layers. It doesn’t crash much actually, and painter does a fine job of saving version history that I rarely had permanently loss work problem, just general annoyance.

The biggest problem I have with it is the import export of psd is wonky. That is a no no if l want to retouch it later, backing it up or send it to client. Import currently doesn’t work, and export psd seem to create unreadable files. The dev is aware of it but will take a while to fix it.

The Raytrektab is a tiny 8 inch Windows EMR model to replace my aged Asus vivotab note. The specs is modest with aged processors, but it’s cheap and handy to carry in a pouch when you really need windows portable.

I’m pretty sure the people who bought Sketchbook developed it at Autodesk. And if I remember correctly, there are only a few of them (of those who bought it, not all those who worked on it at Autodesk).

Things like the Copic colours couldn’t be continued as the licencing with the Too Corporation was with Autodesk and wasn’t included in the sale.

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That’s correct re: Copic markers in SBP.

SBP is my preferrred app. Easy and straightforward. Designed for tablets. I’m a beta tester, and they are working on things for the app. It’s slow though.

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I always liked SBPro, some of the stuff Trent Kaniuga did with it really showed the Apps’ worth.
Well, while I struggle on with Clip Studio and Krita interfaces, I think I’ll give Sketchbook and Ibis Paint X a try for quick easy sketching apps where I don’t need to google everything to work out what to do. I realise I need to pay £10 for Ibis but some of the tools look really good - especially the perspective and reference layer functions.

Ibis paint doesn’t have true perspective ruler, just radial ruler tool. You can make two radial rulers to make a two point perspective, but you would have to toggle between them, not using them both at once.

The tool that look like a 3d frame was actually an array ruler tool, which you can do things like drawing one balcony then have multiple balconies cloned in an array, to draw fast apartment building etc.

Sketchbook unfortunately never click with me, the line drawing experience is alway more squiggly than other apps, the available drawing tool doesn’t seem easy enough to use, or I wasn’t able to find a basic pen /brush with the line quality I prefer. Was never able to finish a full drawing with it, mainly because I was too impatient with the interface.

I’m not too worried about a perspective ruler so there are plenty of ways to get around a specific type of ruler. I tend to use them as a double check rather than the structure for my drawings.

It’s funny isn’t it? I’ve liked SBPro - hopefully it can still open and save .psd files though and that is a major win for it. It comes down to what works for the specific artist I guess.

I agree on Windows. Unfortunately on Android/IOS it failed miserably. The inability to import/create new brushes killed it for me. Most of Trent’s stuff was so good because of the brushes he was able to create. The Windows version supported that really great brush engine to be maximized. Since my Windows tablet has pretty much died, I found very little use for SBP. If iPadOS version supported the brush imports, I would buy Trent’s set and probably use it for all of my painting still.

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You make some critical points - my experience is the Windows version. The previous Android and iOS versions seemed like toys in comparison so I’m hoping the new owners and the new version I downloaded today are more serious Android apps.
(mind you, my previous tablet experience of it was on my daughter’s Fire tablet and my old pre-pencil iPad)

Didn’t know about the brush import problem on Android… :frowning:

It’s possible they’ve changed it. The last time I tried, I was not able to import any brushes. It seemed they had gone downhill, not up, from back then though.

SBPro has always been an unloved (by Autodesk) App. The first I heard of it was when several car studios bought it with large projectors for designers to create drawings that could be shown full car scale before commissioning clay prototypes. Several of my year group who’d gone to Ford studios were talking about this amazing App that could produce stunning car sketches. Then in the 2000’s, it became a popular App with a lot of design studios and just as that happened - Autodesk killed it.

After a few years pressure, it was brought back and I remember trying the Sketchbook Designer Pro version - didn’t like it. Seems they have tried to kill it again but the team who worked on it have bought it.

Just found this page which answers some questions I have but hadn’t asked. Certainly I’m not going to wipe my full free version off my zbook - however I’m hopeful they can make tablet versions more powerful and equal the desktop version.

And I just found this info page:

  • You can only install the free brushes on on Sketchbook Pro for desktop (Mac and Windows version 8.x or higher) and Autodesk SketchBook UWP version 5.x
  • The free brushes will not install on the iOS and Android versions of Sketchbook.

Hopefully, the team will fix this or do something about it so the Android App is the equal of the desktop App.

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