Anyone considering the new Clip Studio Paint 2.0 launch offer?

Currently there is a sale going on until the end of the weekend 40/60% off CSP Ex/Pro:

Normally an instant buy, reading the new “Update Pass” scheme, this has now turned this into a “do I really need this now?”.

The new features are a little sparse, though I do appreciate the analog colour mixing mode, which Rebelle pioneered:

Should I purchase based on the goodwill CELSYS has built in v1, or stay cautious based on the future outlook? Enablers of TPCR, I-need-you! :smile:

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Good question. My Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 included a file for downloading this:


which has two options:

  • Download — which downloaded: ClipStudioInstaller.exe
  • Generate license — which it turns out is only good for 6 months

So yes, the $49.99 “Perpetual Version One-time Purchase” looks pretty good.

Remember you can get a 60% discount if you buy direct from the site, during the promotion.

Also obligatory disclaimer: it’s “Perpetual” only for v2.0 not 2.1, 2.2, etc. That’s the crux of their new “Update Pass” model.

It’s also the reason for the hesitation…what will be included in 2.0 vs. the later versions? Will they hold back key features for 2.1, so that 2.0 essentially becomes a glorified trial?


I’ve been paying the subscription for CSP on my iPad Pro for a year or two now. I originally wasn’t all that happy with the subscription because my perpetual version on my Windows machine already got all the updates without having a subscription, but I understand the need for steady income for steady development. Anyway, all that to say, I think I would miss the updates if I didn’t have a subscription, but if you are pretty happy with the features it currently offers and it fits your workflow, it’s definitely a good deal.

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Already bought PRO for 19$, it’s too cheap to pass up. I bought CSP 7 years ago for 15$ when there was a sale, so I don’t mind paying the second time for 2.0 now. I don’t need any EX function so that’s some money saved.

Another thing: CSP as it is already offered a complete package on their perpetual version, and I buy it for the features it’s already offering, not the theoretical future features that I might or might not need. I liked the alignment tool, hand pose reference and light source reference could be useful, the fast save( especially the fast save, accidentally crashing CSP when it’s taking its time saving is no fun).

Also bought a 10$ 1 year subscription for my ipad because it’s cheap. I’m already resigneed to subscription and i would cancel subscription then buy another from discounted sale when it come around again. No use beating myself over paying 10$ for a year.

Yeah, this is where I’m leaning. However—they said they plan on releasing v3.0 in 2024.

Which means that unlike v1.x which lasted for over 5 years, 2.0 is basically going to be obsolete in ~2 months? (depending on the schedule for 2.1, 2.2 etc.)

So if they stick to that rapid timeline, it’s probably better to just get the $10 1yr upgrade pass? (Then buy perpetual 3.0 with all 2.x updates?)

…hmm, why do they make the calculus so hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I missed that part, it was so well hidden. Still, I’m sure they will offer a discounted upgrade on 3.0 release, too. (Eg: currently 1.x to 2.0 is 13$). Two way you can do:

  • Paying the 10$ for update pass now then pay whatever price they ask for full 3.0 license. ( your perpetual license is still stuck on 1.x , so not sure there is a cheaper upgrade from 1.x to 3.0 than buying the full license)

  • paying 19$ for full 2.0 now ( or 13$ upgrade) then whatever they ask for upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 later at new release.

Price wise, doesn’t seem to be much of a difference, and if there is, probably only a few dollars.

Also please be aware: if you bought 1.x license after jan 2022, you are eligible for free 2.0 upgrade.

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Actually, price-wise it’s slightly cheaper to get the update pass for 2 years (good till Mar 2025 for all 2.x and 3.x) than it is to buy outright then upgrade (good till ~2024, but only for 2.0).

Might as well enjoy the latest version all through 2023-24, and for slightly cheaper upfront, right?

Buuut—if you’re going to pay $10/yr for the update pass (good for PC/Mac), you might as well pay $10/yr for the single device plan (good for PC/Mac/Android/iOS), as the PC/Mac license is only good for one machine (instead of two, as it was for 1.x).

In other words, their entire pricing structure is designed to drive you to the per device subscription model, rather than offering a true competitive alternative for long-time PC users.

And you’re right, the information was well hidden. They are burying important facts, while obfuscating the reduced value of the perpetual license behind language like “You will not get early access to future features”.

Overall, I’m disappointed at CELSYS. They know that most PC users will simply see the 2.0 purchase as a straight upgrade. But all these users are in for a rude awakening, when they realize that not getting “early access” is actually not get access at all.

I’m betting this issue is going to boil over later in 2023, as soon as the updates start piling up for subscribers, while leaving perpetual buyers in dust (including me, as I bought perpetual out of previous goodwill :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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You forgot one thing, that is if you really need the features in 3.0 or update pass. CSP is already so full featured that any thing they add more might be just bell and whistle. Or the app do the drawing for you ( which is the AI can of worm that they backtracked on). They promised stability update for 1.x pass 3.0 so buggy app is not a concern yet.

The only reason i bought 2.0 was because it was cheap and i was benefited from my 15$ license for 7 years. If 3.0 doesn’t provide any meaningful change i will likely just skip it. I understand your frustration with the subscription model but it’s unrealistic to expect a company to provide infinite updates on a one time purchase program forever.

At this point the only feature that can get me to update to 3.0 is the shape snapping function on procreate. Gonna see if what they are cooking up can prove wrong.

Edit: i wish mobile version was one time purchase, but it’s mobile unfortunately

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I agree with what your saying, all of this is only relevant if you actually need the new features.

But I think we all want to support CELSYS (and like some new bells and whistles sometimes :wink: ). The issue I have is not being transparent with old customers.

The purchase page only lists these bullet points under perpetual:

  • Available on Windows/macOS
  • Use Clip Studio Paint Ver. 2.0 for an unlimited amount of time
  • You will not get early access to future features

It makes it seem like you are just skipping out on early access, instead of losing all 2.1+ features. They also don’t mention that upgrading 1.x licenses, removes 1 seat from the 2 device limit (as the guy on Reddit found out).

I’m very sure many people will be buying under false impressions. That’s the main issue, as they risk burning all their goodwill built over 7 years.