HP Envy Move- a "large" missed opportunity IMHO

While I applaud HP for trying new things, this just seems like a big miss except for a tiny niche of people doing software demos where a projection screen is not readily available and/or a small group presentation where a conventional tablet is not big enough.

I mean, adding pen support along with a bit more flexible hinge (so it could do a wider variety of angles including close to flat) could have made it a portable art easel type of system.

HP ENVY Move All-in-One 24-cs0000, 23.8"

That all being said, the display in it is top tier…


Even with the 300 Nits max brightness? Other than that, I agree with what you said. :slight_smile:

That’s actually above average for all in one PC displays which typically are in the 225 nit range.

Unfortunately as with smart phones, the OEMs try to make these devices as thin as they can, and something like a 400-500 nit display throws off too much heat.

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I had no idea. Now I know why I never buy all-in-ones LOL.