Help needed to find a windows10 clean installation thread from the old notebookreview site

The old site had a thread with a link to a thread on the old that was a “windows-10-clean-installation-guide”
(If I put in the actual old link, even without the http prefix and numerical suffix, this note shows a link to the “site closed” screen instead of just showing what I’ve typed.)

Although out of date, the information there is still a good guide to things like group policy settings for removing/deactivating unneeded windows features. Having just installed LTSC 2021 on my tetraplegic daughter’s Spectre X360-14 I would like to go through that step-by-step guide. The reason for using LTSC and for wanting to remove all fluff is that Windows updates and various features can interfere with her using two head-operated switches and her adapted software to speak and to control most computer applications. A simple thing like a notification dialog that pops up on top of her program is equivalent to gagging her.

Can anyone help me find that thread?

Thanks, Lenny Robbins, Siena, Italia

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Did you try going to the Archived version? NotebookReview Archive

Edit: here’s that page


Thanks JoeS. I saw your reply before your edit, but by tacking the thread identification on the end of the notebookreview archive URL you provided, I as able to go directly there. It’s now bookmarked!


THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why I LOVE our community and the fact that @Hifihedgehog, @JoeS , @SteveS and others have resurrected it here! :+1: :+1: :clap: