Why none of the sticky topics from old forums made it to this forum ? Cmon doods!

What happened ? There were several models in Brand categories that had sticky topics with lots of interesting info from users but looks like none of it made it to this forum, is there a backup somewhere ? I wanted to read about Yogas.
At least there should be a backup of some sorts provided to download IMO so we can browse it offline.
So many years of knowledge and tips wiped just like that and nobody cares ?

OK found some archival versions on wayback machine, this should be really on TOP PAGE
Lenovo (IBM) | TabletPCReview.com - Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News (archive.org)

The Archive link at the top of the page is a link to the old forum.


Are you volunteering? :wink: Quite honestly we should be thankful for the community at all. This is a labor of love at this point…

Thank you @JoeS, @Hifihedgehog, and others!!!


:+1: :+1:

This site is AMAZING and a start from scratch in a matter of weeks, NOT YEARS. Incredible work by some of the most dedicated internet nerds I’ve ever come across - and I WAS AROUND WHEN GORE CREATED THE INTERNET (apologies to ARPANET and Tim Berners-Lee)!


It’s not on the top page as a) it’s quite incomplete and broken (not The Internet Archive’s fault), b) we decided that here would be a fresh start, and c) a community our size just didn’t have the capability to save it ourselves.

It’s quite franking astonishing we’ve got this site as it is, and that The Internet Archive managed to scrap so much.

If you have any complaints about the lost content, you’ll have to direct them to TechTarget.


I will say that the Archive seems to have deteriorated. Archive.org has attempted more snapshots after the forum closure, so the most recent snapshots are largely broken.

Here’s all the snapshots. I’m thinking the midnight Jan 21 snapshot could be a good one. Not too much traffic, and not too many people trying to all scrape the poor site at the same time yet.

Edit: I changed our Archive link to that earlier snapshot (those with Admin access can find that here). It was actually set to the 26th, but that one seemed especially broken (recently?). Let me know if you find a healthier snapshot that’s still from January.